Is all about team work
Is all about team work
Quante volte hai detto “non capisco un tubo”?<br />
Noi, invece, ti capiamo.

Joining FITT means becoming part of an innovative, dynamic and international organisation, where you will have the opportunity to get involved and face new challenges, and join a working community that first and foremost shares the values of a responsible way of doing business, with the aim of making the most of people and safeguarding the Planet.
An approach consistent with being a Benefit Company, where the moral duty of FITT consists in nurturing progress and prosperity for all, creating sustainable profit without harming society or the environment and without compromising the future of generations to come.

You will be welcomed with an onboarding path, structured to help you to enter the FITT organisation and feel part of the Team right from the start, with access to continuous and customised training, helping you to make the most of your skills and grow in an environment that promotes good life-work balance.

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It’s all about good teamwork
It’s all about good teamwork

In addition to its fifty years of experience and the excellence of its know-how, FITT's competitive advantage lies in its effective teamwork, the sharing of ideas and values to achieve goals together and make a sustainable difference to the success of the organisation, and the care of its customers worldwide.


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It’s all about good teamwork

Every action, carried out by each member of the FITT People, contributes every day to creating a stimulating and exciting working environment, where the meeting of ideas fuels the future of the organisation.
The values of the FITT People are what inspires and guides employees in their everyday work.

The values of the FITT People are what inspires and guides employees in their everyday work
Think positive
Be Brave
Talent enhancement

For FITT, taking care of its people brings a positive change in the experience of the employee, who therefore becomes increasingly involved and engaged within the corporate paradigm.

In order to foster the development of its community of people, increase the sense of belonging and improve well-being and satisfaction, FITT constantly invests in training, a talent culture and the enhancement of skills. These are key elements on which to focus in order to also foster long-term business sustainability.

Internal mobility

FITT strongly believes in the importance of its employees in achieving daily goals and successes: this is why it believes it is essential to cultivate the talents within the organisation.
How? By mapping the potential and the skills of the individuals, taking steps to further enhance them through opportunities for advancement or career changes within the organisation.
For FITT, investing in its people means increasing the sense of engagement and loyalty of employees, but also strengthening the team, and consequently the business itself.

Rossella - Accounting Specialist
“After a period of four years at the receiving office and a return to university to study Economics, I was very happy that FITT accepted my application for a position in Accounting. I felt that it would be a great opportunity for me to grow professionally, in line with my formal education, and indeed it is proving to be. With the support of my supervisor, over the last year and a half I have been able to put my knowledge to the test. I have also learned a lot and I am currently working on my thesis..”

Rossella - Accounting Specialist
Ismael - Head of Department
“My story in FITT started in 2004 as an apprentice, when I was still a young boy. I was subsequently asked to support the shift leader, and later on became shift leader myself, until 2012 when I decided to return to my homeland: Brazil. But Italy always had a special place in my heart, so after six years I decided, together with my family, to come back and build a life for myself here. I was able to rejoin the FITT family, where I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and perform the same tasks as before. In February 2022, I was then given a new challenging job, of which I am very proud: manage the PE department!”Ismael - Head of Department
Elisa - Quality System Assistant
“After years of experience in Travel Business Management, due to the travel freeze caused by the pandemic I became involved in several cross-functional projects for the FITT Group and began providing support to our colleagues of the quality team by carrying out product statistical analysis activities.
What I learnt through Lean methodology training allowed me to think about a possible application of its principles throughout the quality management system, so much so that I applied for a position in the Quality Team, where a support figure was needed.
So, at the age of 35 I stepped out of my comfort zone and started from scratch in a job that was completely new to me: a path with many challenges, but which will enable me to gain knowledge in a field that will allow me to build a direct rapport with the production facilities of all our plants, and to feel that I am an actual part of the improvement process to which we devote ourselves each and every day.”
Elisa - Quality System Assistant

Training as a strategic tool for growth

FITT considers the professional growth of its staff of strategic importance for the improvement of the performance and productivity of the company, as well as for enhancing the skills of every individual, while stimulating sharing and creativity.
training hours in 2021

FITT Darwin

FITT Darwin is the innovative digital e-learning platform – launched in 2020 and extended to the whole group – aimed at promoting professional growth, focusing on training as a real experience and a conscious path to exploit over time.
A new way of learning that is completely personalised and accessible at any time and in complete autonomy.

Academy for technical operator

“Academy for technical operator” is a project aimed at providing the personnel put forward for the program with basic and practical operational-technical knowledge for certain specific professions – such as toolmakers and shift leaders – that are currently in great demand and difficult to find on the market.
An experience that gives participants the opportunity to get involved and learn technical skills, while at the same time allowing FITT to train skilled workers and create value for the territory in which it operates.
These are real growth paths in the Operations domain that allow employees to make the most of their talents and express their professional aspirations, opening up new possibilities.

The collaborations of FITT with schools, institutions and universities for nurturing the talents of the future

FITT strongly believes not just in the importance of nurturing the talents within its own organisation today, but also in giving the best opportunities to the talents of tomorrow to develop, by establishing projects and collaborations with local schools, universities and institutions.

The synergistic exchange of knowledge and skills between schools, universities, institutions and organisations is a fundamental element that can contribute to increasing not just the attractiveness of schools and universities and the competitiveness of organisations such as FITT, but also the employment rate and the value of the territory, thanks to its economic and social growth. We are talking about partnerships that for FITT are of great value, as they ensure that the organisation is always up to date in terms of skills and expertise requirements related to the world of Research & Development.

For this reason, for years FITT has been collaborating with local schools and universities, enrolling young talents into school-work and internship programs, working with them on research projects, and welcoming testers and PhD graduates.

For FITT, the workplace is not just a physical space, but above all an environment in which to feel good and grow together.
This is why FITT has launched several initiatives to increase the well-being, satisfaction and involvement of the FITT People.

Smart working

Foster a work-life balance, promote greater autonomy and responsibility in day-to-day operations, increase efficiency and productivity and, last but not least, improve the satisfaction and engagement of the FITT people.

Flexible hours

Adapt the arrival to the company and the leaving of the same on the basis of commitments, unexpected occurrences and personal rhythms.

Welfare platform

Promote the collection of the performance bonus through a welfare platform that increases the spending power, health and welfare of employees and their households.
A glimpse into the future
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FITT is TOP-JOB 2021-2022 and approves an unlimited time smart working policy
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Academy for technical operators: FITT becomes a training school
Today saw the start at FITT of the first session of the “Academy for technical operators”, during which from 10 to 21 February ten young individuals will receive operational-technical training at the Plants of Fara and Lugo. The initiative, conceived and organised in collaboration with Umana Forma, and funded through Fondo Forma.Temp, consists of a training program of 80 hours, some of which run by […]
Mens sana in spatio sano
Mens sana in spatio sano (healthy mind in healthy space) is how we could adapt this famous Latin quote to our situation.New, welcoming and sustainable spaces have been opened at our Sandrigo headquarters, dedicated not only to working activities, but also relaxation. We have refurbished the company canteen with the object of achieving zero non-biodegradable […]
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People, integration, community, values, fun and good music: these were the main ingredients that made #FIFTYTOGETHER, the celebration of our first 50 years of activity, a highly meaningful event, and something to remember. On June 7, for the first time in our history, the staff and partners of the company from all the branches met […]
Aware that company growth is dependent on people and their valorisation, we have adhered to the Agile Working Week and hosted, on May 29, the “Smart Working Smart Life” event, which enjoyed the attendance of Elena Donazzan, councillor for education, training, work and equal opportunities, and promoter of the regional initiative for the official launch […]
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High emotions and happy smiles for more than 600 employees of the Vicenza-based company during the event staged by Ocjo on 31 October at the FITT production plant in Sandrigo (VI). During a major production stoppage, the plant became a big stage for a day, welcoming a theatre show entitled“Ridiamoci sopra ma pensiamoci su” (Laugh about it […]
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