Hobby Gardening hose
Embedded pool systems
Pressurised air flow
Bilge Water
Decanting of hydrocarbons
Technical hose for construction
Intesive gardening hose
Cable passage
Rainwater collection
Transfer of abrasive products
Home and Industrial waste
Pool & SPA
Garden hose for special uses
Water drain
Air flow
Garden hose for balcony and terrace
Liquid food suction and delivery
Sanitization cleaning
Seeding machines
Garden hose for occasional use
Sewer drain
Transfer of fertilisers
Water supply
Ventilations Suction
Compressed air
Industrial gas supply hose
Professional garden hose
Cleaning Hose
Swimming pool cleaning
Building site cleaning
Domestic Drain
Water flow
Transfer of resin
Water supply systems
Spa and whirlpool systems
Slurry spreaders
Floor insulation
Intensive watering
Swimming pool water flow
Transfer of liquid food
Abrasive materials Transport
Sunction pumps hose
Domestic gas supply hose
Protection and coverage
Oil decanting
Construction and carpentry
Infrastructural sewerage
Carbon Footprint of Product – Systematic Approach
The first step in combating climate change is to measure your carbon footprint. The carbon footprint, expressed in terms of tonnes of CO2e, is an indicator the calculation of which makes it possible to estimate the amount of climate-changing gas emissions – those gas emissions that have an effect on global warming – directly or […]
FITT starts the construction of its factory in the USA: the result of a global vision and local action
FITT’s American dream, which began in 2017 with a market study, became a business strategy with a trading company in 2020 and has now turned into a full-fledged business plan that will lead to the creation of a production plant in Anderson, Indiana. The project is driven by two fundamental and increasingly interconnected values strongly […]
FITT and the Twin Factory: from doctorate to artificial intelligence vision system
In 2019, FITT joined the “Intelligent Factory” innovation agreement signed with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Veneto Region. The aim is precisely to establish the Intelligent Factory, based on the virtualisation of production processes, to maximise efficiency and reduce environmental impact. To support this agreement, in 2021 FITT funded a three-year industrial doctorate […]
Gafa 2023: from innovation to transparency
Gafa 2023 has come to an end. The event saw FITT consolidate its responsibility journey, announced to the public during the 2019 edition of Gafa and restated in 2022 with the launch of its sustainability strategy, The Responsible Flow. Together with innovation, which has always been the driving force behind FITT’s business, leading to the […]
Carbon neutrality: what it is, why it is needed and how it is achieved
We hear more and more about reducing CO2eq emissions to protect the planet from the effects of climate change. Just think of what is happening in Italy and around the world: storm Vaia, the floods in Pakistan and those of the last few hours in Emilia Romagna, the fires in California, the worst drought in […]
FITT returns to Green Week to talk about business strategies and low environmental impact products
From 2 to 7 May Green Week, the Festival of the #GreenEconomy, the event that involves the world of business, institutions, academia and training, as well as international sustainability experts, returns. Also in this twelfth edition, promoted by ItalyPost, Symbola and Corriere della Sera, FITT will be again protagonist in two different moments: as a […]
Ecodesign: for environmentally and human-friendly economic development
In previous articles, we have discussed the history of plastics, grouped them by type and application of use, and seen that the only way to know the environmental impact of products is to measure it over their entire life cycle using empirical tools, such as the LCA. In addition to measuring the environmental impact of […]
FITT sustainable solutions at Journées des Collections from 28th to 30th March
From 28th to 30th March, FITT will be in Marseille to take part in Journées des Collections, the trade fair where the most important buyers from the distribution and garden market will meet to discover the latest news and trends in the sector. Register on JDC, download free ticket! During the event, the FITT team […]
Environmental impact of plastics: how to calculate it
The subject of plastics is extremely complex. In in order to assess the actual sustainability of a plastic, one must take into account the consequences throughout the entire life cycle: from the impacts generated during the extraction of the raw materials and their processing, to the performance guaranteed during the life of the product, through […]
FITT and Women for Freedom
The responsible flow, FITT’s sustainability strategy to 2030 driven by innovation, interdependence and transparency, sees the S – Social – criterion implemented through the support of local and international social and environmental initiatives, mainly in the areas of health, women, youth and the disabled. For FITT, doing business today means establishing an open and active […]
Claber joins the FITT Group
The Vicenza-based group, leader in the development of fluid transfer solutions for domestic, professional and industrial use, and the Made-In-Italy domestic irrigation player, join forces to accelerate their growth path in the name of sustainability. Vicenza/Pordenone, 23 February 2023 – In addition to belonging to the Italian North East, synonymous with marriage of technological innovation […]
FITT receives the Gold EcoVadis Medal
FITT has received the Gold EcoVadis Medal. This achievement places FITT among the best companies rated by the international rating agency. EcoVadis is the world’s first and largest platform for sharing information on sustainability performance in the supply chain. It is based on major international standards, such as the Global Reporting Index (GRI), the 10 […]
Marcesina: from the destruction caused by storm Vaia to rebirth
Natural calamities, which are becoming increasingly frequent in recent years, are associated with destruction, catastrophes and disasters. But after the initial shock, they can and must lead to rebirth, reconstruction and renewal. This is the case of the Marcesina plain which, four years after storm Vaia that destroyed 41,000 hectares of forest, with 8.7 million […]
K 2022 Trade Fair: Innovation, sustainability, future and strategic partnerships
K 2022, the world’s no. 1 Trade Fair dedicated to the sectors of rubber and plastics, has come to an end. The event represented an opportunity for exchanging and comparing ideas, and learning about new materials, products and processes. But above all, it gave the chance to grow and strengthen partnerships between FITT and the […]
SDG 17 Partnership for the goals – FITT and Fundació Fluidra
Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development   SDG 17 promotes the emerging of a Global Alliance for Sustainable Development, through investments and the exchange of expertise, technical know-how, technology and financial resources, among all the sustainable development players, so that the SDGs are achieved in all countries of […]
FITT introduces at Gafa The Responsible flow, its sustainability strategy to 2030
The curtain has come down on Gafa 2022, which was back live after a 2-year break. “Sustainable gardens” was the focus of this edition of the fair. A theme also strongly felt by FITT, who chose the event to introduce to the market and all stakeholders The Responsible Flow, its sustainability strategy to 2030. At a […]
FITT looks forward to meeting you at Gafa 2022
After a two-year break, Gafa, the event that attracts the entire gardening world to Cologne from 19 to 21 June, is finally back live. Gafa has always been a stage for novelties, trends, strategies and innovation, and in this edition FITT has chosen to look to the future. FITT looks forward to meeting you on […]
FITT partner of Terrevolute, the land reclamation Festival
History, innovation, science, technology, environmental enhancement, safeguard and management of water resources: these are some of the traits underpinning the collaboration between FITT and Terrevolute, the land reclamation festival that will take place in San Donà di Piave from 24 to 29 May. The festival, now in its 5th edition, celebrates this year an important milestone: the centenary of […]
Plastic: demand, types and destinations of use – In the world and in FITT
In the previous article we saw how, despite being a rather young material (160 years since the first forms of cellulose and 70 years since Natta’s synthesis of polypropylene, which gave the industry its real breakthrough) plastic has permeated every aspect of our daily lives. This is because plastic has unique characteristics and is extremely versatile: it can […]
The plastic value chain in Europe and in FITT: from waste recycling to the circular economy
The first real plastic material was invented in the mid-19th century. Since then, thanks to their unlimited innovative potential, plastics have not stopped evolving, offering sustainable solutions to our rapidly changing needs. As we saw in the last article (link to second article), the plastic sector includes efficient materials that allow us to have clean […]
History of plastics: anecdotes and developments, from discovery to the present day
Tue, 03/15/2022 – 12:00 Plastic, or rather plastic materials, have pervaded our lives because they are extremely versatile and have unique characteristics. There is no aspect of our daily activities that does not involve the use of plastic: from shopping bags to washing machines, from clothes to cars, to drinks bottles. The list is endless. But […]
FITT’s support for the emergency in Ukraine
Mon, 03/14/2022 – 12:00 FITT stands by the Ukrainian people, by the women, men and children who in these hours are suffering and enduring tragedies that the modern world should not allow to happen. Peace and respect for freedom are the foundation of the world FITT believes in and strives to create. Considering the urgent situation, FITT decided to […]
People as the main focus
Tue, 02/22/2022 – 12:00 At FITT people are the main focus. Taking care of our own people helps us to positively change the experience of employees, who therefore become more and more involved and committed to the company model and the HR processes to which their roles relate: the employee therefore becomes the main character […]
The plastic value chain in Europe and in FITT: from waste recycling to the circular economy
Mon, 05/02/2022 – 12:00 The first real plastic material was invented in the mid-19th century. Since then, thanks to their unlimited innovative potential, plastics have not stopped evolving, offering sustainable solutions to our rapidly changing needs. As we saw in the last article (link to second article), the plastic sector includes efficient materials that allow […]
COP26: a decisive moment in the fight against climate change
In recent years, climate change has become a global priority, due to the climate phenomena that the planet is facing, and which are becoming increasingly extreme and frequent. Current climate changes are the result of human activities, which over time have generated an extreme increase in greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. This has led […]
United Nations Day: 76 years of work in the name of peace, human rights and sustainability
Mon, 10/25/2021 – 12:00 We are living a historical moment of great changes and uncertainties: ecological transition, pandemic crisis, and sustainable social and economic development, represent the context within which each one of us grows, works, trains and learns. We are in what appear to be unprecedented times. But if we go back a few […]
FITT is TOP-JOB 2021-2022 and approves an unlimited time smart working policy
The constant attention that FITT has always dedicated to its people has also been recognised by the German Institute for Quality and Finance (Itqf), which in collaboration with Affari&Finanza carried out a study on the best employers in Italy, selecting the 300 “TOP JOB – ITALY’S BEST EMPLOYERS 2021/2022” companies. The study, based on the […]
FITT’s sustainability journey continues: Benefit Company and Global Compact
In 2019, FITT celebrated its first 50 years in business, and after looking back with pride at what it had achieved so far, it chose to focus on the future and the responsibility that it feels towards the next generation. It therefore placed sustainability at the heart of its future strategy. In FITT’s vision, being […]
FITT at Radici future: The event to lay the foundations for a sustainable future
FITT’s public commitments in the field of sustainability continue relentlessly: after taking part in Green Week, it is now the turn of Radici Future, a Festival organised by the Bassano Section of Confindustria Vicenza to explore the boundaries of the circular economy, test state-of-the-art solutions and inspire the younger generations. Radici Future is not just […]
Green Week: the first Corporate Responsibility showcase
FITT operates in the thermoplastic sector, but strongly believes that this is compatible with being a responsible company, who cares about the future of its stakeholders and the Planet. It has always developed cutting-edge materials and technologies that place sustainability at the heart of all research and innovation activities. The objective is to achieve economic […]
FITT has joined ELITE, the platform of integrated services created to support and enhance the best Italian companies, with the aim of helping them grow and become global leaders. By adhering to the ELITE program, FITT continues in its path of reinforcement of the Group and strategic consolidation, for the purpose of pursuing an internationalization […]
FITT Force doubles up by winning once again the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021
FITT Force, this time in the compact nozzle version, successfully manages to win for the second year in a row the iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the most worldwide renowned awards in the field of design. FITT Force, the light, compact and resistant hose for intensive use, won the Product discipline in the Garden category. […]
We are proud to introduce FITT Gardening Ideas: the FITT digital ecosystem for end users
Being forced to stay home during the lockdown period has rekindled in citizens all over the world a passion for the home and gardening. Gardening is a hobby that requires perseverance, knowledge and dedication. But it also brings many benefits in return: it reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, helps people to be outdoors and […]
FITT Future Headquarters: the contest organised by FITT in collaboration with YAC to design the new spaces of our Group
How will companies evolve in the future? Will more space be needed to create or produce? Will that same space also be a place of aggregation, exchange and well-being? This and many others have for a while been hot topics in the agenda of FITT, who in collaboration with YAC – Young Architects Competitions – […]
Great success for FITT’s Asian début at China Brew China Beverage 2020
The curtains have closed on the 2020 edition of China Brew China Beverage, the largest Asian event dedicated to the Food & Beverage sector, and FITT’s official début in this market with a line of certified products for the food sector. The appointment was a fundamental step in the internationalization process that FITT is pursuing […]
FITT Flowing Stories: innovation and sustainability awarded with the IF Design Award
From the eco-sustainable approach of FITT, which is reflected in both production processes and products, and involves the three fundamental principles of eco-design – reduction, reuse and recycle – comes FITT Force, the innovative lightweight and compact hose for intensive use. For its production, FITT Force uses half of the raw materials generally used in […]
The ‘Children’s Fountain’ in Vicenza: a place in all our hearts is returned to the community
A ceremony for the return of the ‘Children’s Fountain’ to the community took place yesterday in the stunning Contrà Garibaldi, at the heart of Vicenza. An event also attended by the CEO Alessandro Mezzalira, marking the completion of the activities for the recovery and conservative restoration of the fountain, and which brought the famous masterpiece by the famous artist […]
FITT Bluforce water supply network piping system environmental ID
​ ​ ​ The requests of more and more sustainable solutions by consumers, and the decision of FITT of turning sustainability into a competitive advantage, has pushed the Vicenza company to undertake a path for the obtaining of a voluntary environmental label for FITT Bluforce and FITT Bluforce RJ, the PVC-A water supply network piping […]
FITT among “The faces of sustainability” at the CSR and social innovation show
Now in its eight edition, the CSR and social innovation show has been since 2013 the most important Italian sustainability event. The national show will take place next Autumn at the Bocconi University, and is preceded by the CSR Italian tour: a number of meetings in 14 different cities, aimed at promoting a sustainable business […]
Communication update: full reopening
Dear Partners and Clients, we are happy to inform you that FITT reopening is almost complete throughout Europe, and we are reaching the full functioning of all our plants and logistic hubs. We took the time to implement all the safety measures the various governments require to follow in order to cope with the pandemic […]
Communication update: partial reopening
Dear Partners and Clients, we inform you that starting from Tuesday 14 April FITT resumes its activities. All European plants are now working, even if partially so, both in the logistics, production areas and in the offices.  We are operating a gradual reopening, that allows us to better support your activities while being at the […]
Communication update
Following our communication issued on the 13th of March, due to the fact that the emergency caused by the spreading of coronavirus persists, and in the light of the further restrictions ordered by the Italian government, FITT will remain closed until April 5 included.  We rely on your understanding and cooperation, and remain at your […]
Urgent and important communication
It is with regret that we have made the decision to temporarily suspend production and close our Italian premises until March 29.  We did everything possible to create a safe environment for our employees and clients, but the spreading of the coronavirus epidemy in our region and the recent decisions of the Italian government who […]
2020 opens in full swing for the iconic FITT red hose, which after conquering design experts, distribution buyers and gardening enthusiasts, is now capturing the enthusiasm of the operators of the nautical sectors, and is awarded the Innovation Award in the Water on board category at the Equip Boat Show. The Equip Boat Show is […]
European début for the FITT Bluforce system at Carrefour de l’Eau
At the end of January, the city of Rennes hosted Carrefour des Gestions Locales de l’Eau, the French event dedicated to the water network sector bringing together all the players with a full program of meetings and training sessions. An event that also saw the participation of FITT, and marked the European début of FITT […]
Academy for technical operators: FITT becomes a training school
Today saw the start at FITT of the first session of the “Academy for technical operators”, during which from 10 to 21 February ten young individuals will receive operational-technical training at the Plants of Fara and Lugo. The initiative, conceived and organised in collaboration with Umana Forma, and funded through Fondo Forma.Temp, consists of a training program of 80 hours, some of which run by […]
FITT at Connext to discuss the future
On 27 and 28 February FITT will take part in Connext, the national event organised by Confindustria for its partners, dealing with networking, exchange of experiences and business.FITT, member of UCINA, will be present inside the Confindustria Nautica area with its own FITT Marine, the range of products for the management of all boat fluids. […]
FITT proudly attended the 25-year celebration of Città della Speranza
Always close to Fondazione Città della Speranza (City of Hope Foundation), the non-profit organisation engaged in ensuring the health and well-being of children that every day fight against serious diseases, FITT was very proud to attend it’s 25-year celebration. Every year Città della Speranza allocates 700 thousand Euro to the advanced diagnostics of the Paediatric […]
FITT Diamond passes the METSTRADE test
The curtain has fallen on the 32nd edition of the METSTRADE Show, the biggest international event dedicated to the nautical component sector, and where once again FITT showcased its products in an interactive and enticing manner. The Italian Pavilion, which brought together Made in Italy excellences and the members of Ucina – Confindustria Nautica, who […]
Mens sana in spatio sano
Mens sana in spatio sano (healthy mind in healthy space) is how we could adapt this famous Latin quote to our situation.New, welcoming and sustainable spaces have been opened at our Sandrigo headquarters, dedicated not only to working activities, but also relaxation. We have refurbished the company canteen with the object of achieving zero non-biodegradable […]
FITT B-Active: safety and performance double up
The 2019 edition of Aquanale has come to an end. The Cologne event is an unmissable gathering for all those who work in the swimming pool, spa and wellness sector, and the perfect location for introducing the international public to the latest creation of the FITT Innovation&Technology team: FITT B-Active Rigid. During the construction of embedded pools, […]
FITT Marine continues its journey and sets anchor in Amsterdam
FITT Marine sails endlessly: after the Salone Nautico exhibition in Genoa, the range of boat fluid distribution hoses led by FITT Diamond now reaches the Amsterdam METSTRADE Show. In the Italian Pavilion, gathering the Made in Italy excellences as well as the members of Ucina – the Confindustria Nautica that has represented the pleasure boating […]
We attended in Florence the 37th edition of International NO-DIG, the most important event for the promotion of trenchless technologies and their application in infrastructural works. Our company played a starring role both in theoretical and practical events. Trenchless technologies allow the installation, replacement or refurbishment of underground systems without the need for open air […]
FITT Diamond passes the International Boat Show test with flying colours
The 59th edition of International Boat Show has come to an end in Genoa. The international event, which brought to the Ligurian capital sea lovers from all over the world, was the stage for the official début of FITT in the nautical sector, focused on experience and networking. During the Event, Saverio Cecchi, president of […]
Gafa 2019: sustainability, future, and people at the centre
The 2019 edition of Gafa has come to a close, further strengthening our awareness and commitment towards sustainability, and making us happy and proud for the opportunity of celebrating our first 50 years of business with our partners. In a green area built using sustainable materials and depicting an actual garden, with plants, benches and […]
FITT arrives in Genoa for the first time
For the first time, FITT will be taking part in the Genoa Boat Show, the largest boat show in the Mediterranean area, to present enthusiasts with its solutions for navigation without any inconvenience. The pride of the FITT Marine range is FITT Diamond, the highly flexible metal-free hose that prevents fumes from spreading to any […]
Gafa 2019: 50 years of business and our eyes on the future
We are almost reaching the time for Gafa 2019, the event that from the 1st to the 3rd of September will take the entire gardening world to Cologne. An unmissable event to celebrate together with our partners our first 50 years of business, of success reached with the support and the talent of everyone, proud […]
From north to south, FITT’s commitment to the integrated water system
Infrastructural and water network systems require innovative solutions, both in terms of materials and installation. New technologies play a leading role in ensuring continuity of the services delivered, containing losses and leaks, within a framework of environmental sustainability. This is why FITT has decided to take part in two events involving the Italian peninsula from […]
Another trophy for the FITT display
The FITT NTS Garden range has been awarded the bronze prize by Jard’innov 2019. Now at its 11th edition, the Jard’innov award is organised by the French magazine Journal Jardiniere. A jury of distribution professionals evaluates garden products and accessories based on several criteria: from innovation and performance, to design and ease of use, to […]
#FIFTYTOGETHER: 50 years of continuous growth and innovation, together
People, integration, community, values, fun and good music: these were the main ingredients that made #FIFTYTOGETHER, the celebration of our first 50 years of activity, a highly meaningful event, and something to remember. On June 7, for the first time in our history, the staff and partners of the company from all the branches met […]
Aware that company growth is dependent on people and their valorisation, we have adhered to the Agile Working Week and hosted, on May 29, the “Smart Working Smart Life” event, which enjoyed the attendance of Elena Donazzan, councillor for education, training, work and equal opportunities, and promoter of the regional initiative for the official launch […]
YOYO changes face and aims at passion
2019 is a year of great changes for the iconic red hose by FITT: after the direct e-shop, it’s now time for the new passion and daily life campaign. The For Green Lovers campaign has a fresh, captivating and fast-paced image. The lively and deep expression of the woman in the foreground immediately takes the […]
Novelties from FITT for its store at JDC
From 2 – 4 April, FITT will be taking part in Journées des Collection, the event not to be missed in France, where major retail buyers and the main players in the garden market get together to discover the latest novelties and trends in the industry. FITT will be presenting various product and layout solutions […]
1969-2019: Flowing Forward
1969-2019: 50 years of growth and innovation A very special year has begun: in 2019, we are celebrating our first 50 years of business. It is an important anniversary that should be celebrated. We ought to be proud and aware of what we have done so far, and we should feel free to look towards what […]
FITT inaugurates 2019 with yoyo’s direct e-shop
FITT, a group specialised in the creation of complete systems in thermoplastic material for the passage of fluids, is inaugurating 2019 – the year of its 50th anniversary – by launching YOYO’s direct e-shop (https://yoyo.fitt.com/). It has been designedin collaboration with Alkemy, a company specialised in the innovation of large and medium-sized companies’ business models, and quoted on […]
Another milestone in the history of FITT Marine
On the 5th and 6th of February FITT took part in a meeting organised by Accastillage Diffusion, the market leader in France for the distribution of equipment for boats and yachts. The meeting hosted a selection of the company’s partners and the sales network for two-days of debate, analysis and sales networking in Arles. This was the first time […]
FITT Marine’s Journey Continues
On 29th and 30th January, FITT took part in the Equip’ Boat Show, an event organised by USHIP for its sales network, which was held at Cité de la Voile Èric Tabarly. For USHIP, the French distributor of products for boats in Europe and overseas, more than 80 representatives from its sales outlets were present, as well as just as […]
European tour for FITT
While waiting for spring and the arrival of the gardening season, for FITT, January was the perfect time to develop its relationships with garden centres in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. These represent strategic sales channels for YOYO’s Bag and Club versions. As a member of VDG, AICG and GCA, associations that unite German, Italian and English garden centres respectively, FITT took part […]
10 millions from MISE for an innovative research and development project
We have obtained a 10 million funding from the Ministry for Economic Development for the research and development project for a new generation of “full Made in Italy” products, within the scope of the tender “Large Projects – Rotational Fund for the Support of Company Investments and Research – sustainable industrial project”. Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO […]
A Good First Response at METSTRADE!
METSTRADE, the international nautical components event dedicated to industry professionals and marking FITT’s official debut in this sphere, has recently come to a close. The protagonist of the event was FITT Marine, the set of customised solutions for the management of all fluids on boats. FITT Marine’s show pieces were the odourless range of hoses designed […]
FITT’s first time at METSTRADE to open its doors to the boating sector
On-going research and development by FITT have yielded FITT Marine, the system devised for the boating sector that offers customised solutions for managing all fluids within watercraft. An international showcase for boating components and a crucial event for entering this sector is METSTRADE, the event scheduled for 13 to 15 November in Amsterdam. Inside the Italian hall, together with other members […]
FITT deploys its testimonials for Orticolario 2018
From 5 to 7 October, YOYO will feature at Orticolario, the event dedicated to gardening enthusiasts and the beauty of nature, to be held in Villa Erba on Lake Como. As a partner of the event, FITT will give YOYO as a gift to all historical exhibitors and deploy its famed supporters of the iconic red hose for this international event: […]
The TV advert of the YOYO extensible hose at the “Les Palmes de Promojardin” competition in Paris
On 5th February 2018, FITT will be participating with its French-language TV advert, “YOYO génial et irrésistible”, in “Les Palmes de Promojardin”, a major event to be held in Paris at the headquarters of the National Horticultural Society of France dedicated to communication in the garden and pet animal sectors. In the second edition of the award, the participant companies will […]
FITT at Glee Birmingham 2018
From the 10th to the 12th of September, FITT will be at the Glee trade fair, one of the main gardening and DIY trade fairs in the United Kingdom, which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The event houses several different exhibition areas, dedicated not only to gardening, but also to animals, food and outdoor activities. […]
FITT at spoga+gafa fair
From 2 to 4 September FITT will exhibit at spoga+gafa trade fair in Cologne. Spoga+gafa is the biggest worldwide trade fair for gardening, with more than 2.000 exhibitors presenting what’s new to the 40.000 professionals visitors in the three days of the exhibition. It’s the best appointment of the industry to discover new trends about gardening and meet with decision […]
FITT announces its partnership in UK with TV gardener and Chartered Horticulturalist David Domoney
TV gardener and Chartered Horticulturalist, David Domoney, teams up with FITT Team in support of the latest innovation—the award-winning expandable YOYO hosepipe. “David and I first met in Spring, at our headquarters in Italy. Immediately, our shared passion for gardening and a desire to develop new gardening solutions helped create a fantastic bond between us” says Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT. “Thanks to […]
FITT at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show
From 3 to 8 July, FITT will be participating in the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. The English exhibition marks the ideal opportunity to discover spectacular flowers and floral compositions, but also designer gardens, in a unique location: Henry VIII’s royal palace, on the outskirts of London. In addition, green enthusiasts will be able to receive useful tips […]
The FITT Group and Interplast announce their rebranding process
As part of its strategy for brand development and consolidation and to implement the group’s vision for the creation of a new monolithic brand, FITT is stepping up its offensive on the DIY , construction and swimming pools market in France. The result of this effort is a structured plan for brand transition and for the full […]
FITT at Salon du Végétal
From 19 to 21 June, FITT will be participating at Salon du Végétal, international trade exhibition for flower and plant, garden and landscape professionals that will be held at the Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire in Nantes. The exhibition summon exhibitors, buyers and guests coming from more than 30 countries operating in the manufacturing, distribution, gardening and […]
FITT at the Foire de Paris
From 27 April to 8 May, FITT will be taking part in the Foire de Pariswhich is the biggest European event dedicated to domestic goods. It will be held in Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre and will be hosting more than 3,500 exhibitors. A rare opportunity where visitors will be able to discover, try out, compare and […]
The INTERBUILD trade fair in Kiev, dedicated to outdoor applications
From 20 to 23 March, the Ukrainian city Kiev will host the Interbuild B2B trade fair, an important event dedicated to the building sector specialising in outdoor applications. FITT will feature with the FITT Rain gutter system, distributed by Mizol, a brand belonging to the Euroizol Group, leader in the PVC gutter sector. The collaboration between FITT and the Ukrainian distributors’ group started […]
Awaiting the JDC trade fair in Marseilles
From 10 to 12 April, the Parc Chanot exhibition centre in Marseilles will stage the sixteenth edition of the JdC trade fair, where FITT will showcase YOYO and the new NTS range. The Journées des Collections offers a unique opportunity in Europe to explore the garden, outdoor living and green area design sectors. Over 350 exhibitors and 2,800 product novelties will feature amid a rich calendar of proposals and events. Among […]
FITT with YOYO at the GEDIMAT trade fair in Lyon
From 13 to 15 March, the GEDIMAT trade fair was held in Lyon. The event was organised for the many partners of the distributor and do-it-yourself shops customers of GEDIMAT. Inside its stand, FITT France presented several products and accessories for watering and irrigation. The innovative YOYO system for watering and washing was chosen by GEDIMAT for its partners thanks to […]
The awards ceremony of the Elected Product of the Year Innovation Prize!
Yesterday evening, 15 March, a FITT team represented the company at the awards ceremony of the Elected 2018 Product of the Year prize held at the Alcatraz club in Milan. The YOYO extensible system emerged the winner in the Gardening category, obtaining the highest score for innovation and satisfaction. The score was based on a market survey conducted by IRi that involved 12,000 people representing the […]
The final phase of the Master Project Winter Session
Today, 13 March, saw the conclusion of the Master Project Winter Session, an initiative uniting FITT and students of the Italian School of Design (Scuola Italiana Design) in Padua. Over an intense three-month period, the students were put to the test as they developed new scenarios, product concepts and accessories dedicated to the garden sector. The main highlight was YOYO, the extensible […]
FITT YOYO at Melaverde
FITT chooses Canale 5 and one of the most authoritative TV programmes to introduce the general public to FITT YOYO, its flagship product in the gardening sector. Starting from this forthcoming Sunday and for the next four episodes, the infomercial created by Publitalia for FITT YOYO will be broadcast during the programme Melaverde. The testimonials will be the skilled presenter of the programme, Ellen […]
FITT at the BigMarket fair in Florence
On 9th and 10th March, the builders’ merchant BigMat organised BigMarket, an event reserved for the BigMat points of sale network and partner suppliers, in the enchanting Fortezza da Basso trade fair facility in Florence. The participants were presented with a broad overview on systems and products for home building and restructuring. Moreover, the event offered them the opportunity to strengthen their business […]
YOYO has been Voted Product of the Year 2018!
FITT’s extendable red hose system for watering and washing has been Voted Product of the year in the Gardening Category. Organised by the Marketing & Innovation company Italia s.r.l., this award honours innovation and is entirely based on consumer votes. After having been found eligible to participate by a panel of representatives formed of representatives from professional associations, distribution, communication […]
FITT’s CEO Alessandro Mezzalira is a guest at the TOP 500 special
“Something is stirring in the Vicenza industrial sector”, runs the title of the special TOP 500 supplement dedicated to companies that excel in terms of turnover. Published today by the Giornale di Vicenza (Vicenza daily), it was presented yesterday afternoon at the CUOA Business School of Altavilla. A new slant on the situation which puts the spotlight on some important players leading a solid […]
The Vicenza TOP 500 special has now reached its eighth edition
This afternoon the eighth edition of the TOP 500 event will be taking place on the premises of the CUOA Business School of Altavilla Vicentina. TOP 500 is the special supplement of the Giornale di Vicenza (Vicenza daily) dedicated to companies based in the Vicenza area that excel in terms of turnover. The University of Verona’s Department of Business Economics and the professional service network PwC were tasked with analysing […]
The new solutions for 2018 presented to the agents of the Building Division
Last week, the meeting of the agents of the Building Division took place in the headquarters in Sandrigo. The meeting offered an opportunity to examine together the results attained during 2017. The analysis led to a business alignment of the sales force and laid the platform for launching the sales strategies for 2018. The emphasis was on FITT Bluforce, the system […]
YOYO participates in the Les Palmes de Promojardin international competition in Paris
On the evening of Monday 5th February, the Les Palmes de Promojardin event, dedicated to the gardening and pet sectors, was held in Paris. FITT also featured with its TV advert, ‘YOYO génial et irrésistible’ (“A genius you’ll love”), in the Mass Media category. Some 700 participants attended a real television show, currently in its second edition. The event was widely applauded […]
Agent meeting in Madrid: new-product presentation for 2018
On 26 January in the capital city of Spain a meeting took place between the agents of FITT’s garden division in the course of which the new developments for 2018 as regards the products YOYO and NTS were officially presented. It was a perfect occasion to expand on the new products and developments due out in the new season as well as to take a close look at […]
FITT at the Salon SA2E in Angers
On 24th and 25th January, the French city of Angers hosted Salon SA2E, the trade exhibition organised for the LISA (Low-Input Sustainable Agriculture) market and for small-scale nurseries. FITT’s French branch presented various products and accessories for irrigation inside its stand. Widespread interest accompanied the new YOYO 2018 range, the highly innovative watering system with its distinctive red colour, familiar also thanks to the successful TV […]
FITT Bluforce at the Fieragricola trade exhibition in Verona
From 31st January to 3rd February 2018, the Veronafiere exhibition centre will house the 113th edition of Fieragricola, the international trade exhibition dedicated to agriculture and livestock farming. All people interested, either professionally or merely as enthusiasts, will be able to visit numerous stands exhibiting products of the sector and attend conferences on all specialisations of the agricultural sector: agricultural mechanics, zootechnics, renewable energy sources […]
FITT at the GAMM VERT VERTDIS 2018 trade fair
On 17th and 18th January, the Gamm Vert Vertdis 2018 trade fair, dedicated to the garden sector, was held in Amiens. FITT participated in the event with irrigation products and accessories, presented by the French branch of FITT, and YOYO, the innovative watering system. During the two-day event, FITT received as many as 62 visits to its stand, including small and large dealers […]
International success for FITT B-Active at the Aquanale trade fair in Cologne
FITT’s first-ever participation at the Aquanale trade fair in Cologne  – the international reference event for the swimming pool, spa, sauna and wellness centre sectors – was a resounding success. Boasting 282 companies coming from 30 countries and a 20,000 m2 exhibition area, this edition of Aquanale welcomed 26,600 visitors from 114 countries. With a stand dedicated entirely to […]
FITT wins the CONAI award for sustainable packaging
The Sandrigo-based company was among the winners of the “CONAI prevention competition announcement – Enhancing the environmental sustainability of packaging” The prize cabinet of YOYO, the irrigation system designed by FITT, has been enriched by a new and prestigious award: the CONAI prize rewarding companies that have created and chosen innovative packaging with a lower environmental impact. FITT, which specialises in the […]
FITT at the Pollet Pool Group workshop in Cheltenham (UK)
On 16th and 17th November FITT to feature at the Pollet Pool Group workshop held in Cheltenham (UK). Read the full article on the FITT B-Active website.
FITT at the Batimat international trade fair in Paris
From 6 to 10 November, FITT will be present at Batimat, the construction industry international fair in Paris. This trade event is a key meeting point for industry experts in search of products and solutions for building and infrastructure. You can find FITT at stand 6-G167 in INTERPLAST TUBES ET RACCORDS.
With Ocjo at FITT safety in the workplace becomes entertainment
High emotions and happy smiles for more than 600 employees of the Vicenza-based company during the event staged by Ocjo on 31 October at the FITT production plant in Sandrigo (VI). During a major production stoppage, the plant became a big stage for a day, welcoming a theatre show entitled“Ridiamoci sopra ma pensiamoci su” (Laugh about it […]
Widespread acclaim for FITT at the Piscina & Wellness trade fair with its innovative FITT B-ACTIVE product
From 17th to 20th October Barcelona hosted the Piscina & Wellness trade fair, in which FITT S.p.A. – the Italian company with over 20 years of experience in the swimming pool sector – participated together with its Spanish partner, FLUIDRA. In line with the rising demand coming from the Spanish market, this year’s edition of the trade fair […]
FITT goes into partnership with Fluidra for the European pool market
FITT recently entered into an important business partnership with Fluidra, one of the biggest world players for the pool market in Europe. A manufacturer and distributor of products for pools, irrigation, water treatment and fluid handling, Fluidra is an international company which has been on the market for over 45 years. The agreement with the Spanish parent […]
FITT at the seventh edition of the Aquanale trade fair in Cologne
From 7th to 10th November, FITT will be present as exhibitor at Aquanale in Cologne, the international trade fair dedicated to swimming pools, saunas and the environment. Currently in its seventh edition, Aquanale is the leading international trade event for presenting the latest swimming pools technologies and trends in the spa and wellness sectors. Every year […]
FITT at the Gafa trade fair in Cologne: a resounding success for the new vision and the YOYO 2018 collection
FITT reaped widespread approval at the 26th edition of the Gafa trade fair in Cologne, the prestigious international showcase dedicated to gardening. With over 2,000 exhibitors coming from 59 countries (84% of them foreigners) and 39,000 operators from all over the world, Gafa confirms its standing as a privileged meeting point for operators that promotes excellent opportunities for networking, analysing market […]
Research and innovation at Fitt: designing for simplicity in a world of growing complexity
“ Research and innovation at FITT are no just words that identify a pay-off, but rather identifiable people, processes, activities, functions, measures, responsibilities and places.The crossroads between company management, vision, communication, marketing and customer care. There are over 20 people working full-time in the FITT Innovation and Technology department. The company has also adopted a development strategy […]
FITT Bluforce pipes: the crack-resistant solution for pressurised watering pipelines
“ FITT Bluforce pipes, made from PVC-A, are manufactured and distributed in Italy by FITT. FITT Bluforce represents the outcome of a technological development that started in the UK in the 1990s, the moment in which the awareness dawned of the high maintenance costs borne by municipal companies due to the continuous breakage of underground […]
Fitt’s vision of the future. Fitt Together 2017
Fitt’s vision of the future.was presented at a memorable convention dedicated to all its collaborators: “Fitt Together 2023” Fitt’s vision of the future: setting the bar for 2023 «WE WANT TO FACE THE FUTURE WITH COURAGE; TODAY THAT IS A DIFFICULT CONCEPT TO LIVE BY AND TAKE FORWARDS, BUT IF WE DO SO WE CAN […]
Red Dot Design 2016 to Yoyo by Fitt: functionality and design
“ The Red Dot Design 2016 is the international award selecting products dedicated to the world of consumers judged to be outstanding thanks to design, functionality and quality. Considered the Oscar of Design, the Red Dot Design 2016 selected and awarded YOYO by Fitt from 5,000 products submitted by industries from 57 nations. This news came as […]
Indoor pollution: effects and solutions
Pollution in closed environments – or indoor pollution – is a hot topic. When we speak of pollution, we almost always refer to the alteration of the biological properties of an outdoor environment. Actually, this latter type is referred to as “environmental or outdoor pollution”, as there is a second form of contamination that involves […]
YOYO as seen on TV. Advertisement in France and Italy
FITT is launching the first TV advert to present YOYO, the new ready-to-use system for watering and washing that combines the benefits of its extendible hose, connections and gun, where the design of its accessories offer the same strengths as the hose: lightweight, compact and easy to handle.“With YOYO, watering now feels so natural that […]
FITT Echoes
FITT Echoes

Stories of innovation, transparency, interdependence

FITT Echoes is an idea: that our actions, whether intended or not, last longer than we can imagine, resonating over time.
This collection gives voice to the initiatives that we consciously develop around the principles of innovation, transparency and interdependence.

Innovation is the drive behind FITT’s business, and the starting point for limiting CO2e emissions.
Transparency is the criterion applied by FITT when investigating its own impacts and communicating them to all its stakeholders.
Interdependence is FITT’s capability of maximising its own positive impact on the community and of promoting the responsible development of the sector, through partnerships with all the stakeholders.