fitt magazine
10 February 2020

Academy for technical operators: FITT becomes a training school

Today saw the start at FITT of the first session of the Academy for technical operators”, during which from 10 to 21 February ten young individuals will receive operational-technical training at the Plants of Fara and Lugo.

The initiative, conceived and organised in collaboration with Umana Forma, and funded through Fondo Forma.Temp, consists of a training program of 80 hours, some of which run by FITT staff, aimed at helping participants to acquire the necessary basic theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out tool fitter activities.

Days dedicated to learning about technical issues will be alternated with passive mentoring sessions, to ensure better learning of the duties of the position. And at the end of the training, participants will receive their attendance certificate, and a general safety certificate, in addition to fork-lift driver and PES (Experienced Person) and PAV (Aware Person) certificate.

This is the first initiative of a program for the training of external technicians, and to ensure the support of continuous training to internal personnel. 

The object is to maintain and further increase our commitment towards specific professional training, nowadays very in demand and difficult to source on the market.  Through experience that allows participants to test themselves and acquire technical knowledge, these training programs produce skilled workers, whilst at the same time creating value for the territory.

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