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FITT, a leading global group established in Italy in 1969 - and today a Benefit Company - is a pioneer in the production and development of solutions for the transfer of fluids for domestic, professional and industrial applications.
Corporate responsibility
Corporate responsibility
In FITT’s vision, being a responsible company means transforming its business model to achieve an ideal balance, with the objective of creating economic value and having a positive impact on the planet and on people’s lives.

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A glimpse into the future
Gafa 2024: FITT and Claber together for sustainability
Shared objectives, values and space for FITT and Claber at Gafa 2024. Following the acquisition of Claber by the FITT Group at the beginning of 2023, the two companies have strengthened their synergy in terms of values, while keeping the identity of the two brands clear and separate. Sharing the principles of innovation and social […]
Take care of tomorrow: FITT’s new campaign for end users
FITT launches its new “Take care of tomorrow” campaign, an opportunity to establish a dialogue with end users and share with them the core values of its business: innovation, sustainability, reliability and focus on the future. A key element of the campaign is the emotional video, the first of its kind for FITT, which conveys […]
FITT acquires ATE, a French company in the building and infrastructure pipeline sector
FITT’s path towards internationalisation continues to progress, spurred by a global vision coupled with local action. Following the acquisition of Claber and the start of the construction of the USA plant, ATE, a French company specialising in drainage pipes for construction, infrastructure and civil engineering applications, has now also joined the Group. The M&A strategy […]
Sustainable Supply Chain and Procurement: the importance of training for medium to long term goals
Sustainability is a global challenge that involves all the components of society, from institutions to citizens, from companies to suppliers. In this framework, the supply chain – meaning the set of processes spanning from the production to the distribution of goods or services – plays a key role in reducing the environmental and social impact […]
Carbon Footprint of Product – Systematic Approach
The first step in combating climate change is to measure your carbon footprint. The carbon footprint, expressed in terms of tonnes of CO2e, is an indicator the calculation of which makes it possible to estimate the amount of climate-changing gas emissions – those gas emissions that have an effect on global warming – directly or […]
FITT starts the construction of its factory in the USA: the result of a global vision and local action
FITT’s American dream, which began in 2017 with a market study, became a business strategy with a trading company in 2020 and has now turned into a full-fledged business plan that will lead to the creation of a production plant in Anderson, Indiana. The project is driven by two fundamental and increasingly interconnected values strongly […]
FITT and the Twin Factory: from doctorate to artificial intelligence vision system
In 2019, FITT joined the “Intelligent Factory” innovation agreement signed with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Veneto Region. The aim is precisely to establish the Intelligent Factory, based on the virtualisation of production processes, to maximise efficiency and reduce environmental impact. To support this agreement, in 2021 FITT funded a three-year industrial doctorate […]
Gafa 2023: from innovation to transparency
Gafa 2023 has come to an end. The event saw FITT consolidate its responsibility journey, announced to the public during the 2019 edition of Gafa and restated in 2022 with the launch of its sustainability strategy, The Responsible Flow. Together with innovation, which has always been the driving force behind FITT’s business, leading to the […]
Carbon neutrality: what it is, why it is needed and how it is achieved
We hear more and more about reducing CO2eq emissions to protect the planet from the effects of climate change. Just think of what is happening in Italy and around the world: storm Vaia, the floods in Pakistan and those of the last few hours in Emilia Romagna, the fires in California, the worst drought in […]
FITT returns to Green Week to talk about business strategies and low environmental impact products
From 2 to 7 May Green Week, the Festival of the #GreenEconomy, the event that involves the world of business, institutions, academia and training, as well as international sustainability experts, returns. Also in this twelfth edition, promoted by ItalyPost, Symbola and Corriere della Sera, FITT will be again protagonist in two different moments: as a […]
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Abrasive materials Transport
Air flow
Bilge Water
Building site cleaning
Cable passage
Cleaning Hose
Compressed air
Construction and carpentry
Decanting of hydrocarbons
Domestic Drain
Domestic gas supply hose
Embedded pool systems
Floor insulation
Garden hose for balcony and terrace
Garden hose for occasional use
Garden hose for special uses
Hobby Gardening hose
Home and Industrial waste
Industrial gas supply hose
Infrastructural sewerage
Intensive watering
Intesive gardening hose
Liquid food suction and delivery
Oil decanting
Pool & SPA
Pressurised air flow
Professional garden hose
Protection and coverage
Rainwater collection
Sanitization cleaning
Seeding machines
Sewer drain
Slurry spreaders
Spa and whirlpool systems
Sunction pumps hose
Swimming pool cleaning
Swimming pool water flow
Technical hose for construction
Transfer of abrasive products
Transfer of fertilisers
Transfer of liquid food
Transfer of resin
Ventilations Suction
Water drain
Water flow
Water supply
Water supply systems
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FITT exists to improve the business of its customers, by providing complete thermoplastic pipes, hoses and systems for the transport of liquid, gaseous and solid substances, with products at the forefront of technology, design and sustainability.
FITT develops solutions that ensure safety, performance and ease of use, applicable to 9 dedicated and specialised business units.