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04 June 2019


Aware that company growth is dependent on people and their valorisation, we have adhered to the Agile Working Week and hosted, on May 29, the “Smart Working Smart Life” event, which enjoyed the attendance of Elena Donazzan, councillor for education, training, work and equal opportunities, and promoter of the regional initiative for the official launch of smart working in the company.

We decided to implement the new approach after taking part in a pilot project promoted by the Veneto Region within the scope of initiatives connect with Agile Working Week 2019. During the project, 23 staff tested smart working for a total of 2,613 hours between September 2018 and March 2019, with the involvement of 14 company areas and 434 hours of training.

“At FITT people are the main focus Already in 2016 we had undertaken a program for the creation of the new 2023 Vision, which involved our partners in a bottom-up process and defined five company values: respect, team work, responsibility, positivity and courage. This is our way of doing business, more and more aware and sustainable, and which has driven us to actively take part in the Agile Working Week, introducing smart working within the company. Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT, said: “as a demonstration of the success of this initiative, in 2019 we increased the number of days of the month dedicated to agile working from 2 to 4, and we are in the process of training our staff on the issue, to increase their awareness and commitment, creating a company culture that is focused on the needs of everyone.

In addition to Councillor Donazzan, the event was also attended by Variazioni, which since 2009 has been working in work-life balance and change management initiatives, and Axiance Saiv Spa, which gave a lecture on all the technological and computerised systems that can be implemented to facilitate remote working.

The aim is to preserve and further increase our commitment in improving the work-life balance of our staff, defining a group policy that will ensure appropriate implementation of smart working procedures within all the companies of the FITT group, including those located outside the Italian territory.

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