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22 February 2022

People as the main focus

At FITT people are the main focus.

Taking care of our own people helps us to positively change the experience of employees, who therefore become more and more involved and committed to the company model and the HR processes to which their roles relate: the employee therefore becomes the main character of change.

To foster the development of its community of people, increasing their sense of belonging and improving their well being and satisfaction, FITT has put in place a series of processes centred around the enhancement of skills, whilst at the same time also promoting the long-term sustainability of the business.

Internal Mobility

FITT strongly believes in the fundamental role of its employees in achieving the daily goals and successes.
This is why it considers it essential to nurture the talents within the organisation.

How? Mapping the potential and the skills of the individuals, taking steps to further enhance them through opportunities for advancement or career changes within the organisation.

For FITT, investing in its people means increasing the sense of engagement and loyalty of employees, but also strengthening the team, and consequently the business itself.


The future requires employees to be increasingly adaptable and proactive in gradually acquiring different, new and better skills directly in the field.

This is why FITT’s training path consists of providing staff – after a detailed analysis of the needs of each individual or the team – with the necessary tools to fill any gaps, face the changes generated by technological innovation and improve soft skills, meaning the transversal competences that can make the difference and positively impact the quality of the work.

Empowered by the awareness and ability of employees to grow through the mutual sharing of knowledge, practices and thoughts, in 2020 FITT launched FITT Darwin. FITT Darwin is the innovative digital e-learning platform – extended to the whole group – aimed at promoting professional growth, focusing on training as a real experience and a conscious path to exploit over time. Yes, because just as skills are becoming more and more dynamic, so too must the way in which they are integrated. A new way of learning, therefore, completely personalised and accessible at any time and in complete autonomy.

In addition to all this, FITT has started the “Academy for technical operator” project, to provide its employees put forward for the program with basic and practical operational-technical knowledge for certain specific professions – such as toolmakers and shift leaders – that are currently in great demand and difficult to find on the market. All this is done through an experience that allows participants to get involved and learn technical skills, while at the same time allowing FITT to train skilled workers and create value for the territory in which it operates. These are real growth paths in the Operations domain that allow employees to make the most of their talents and express their professional aspirations, opening up new possibilities.

The collaborations of FITT with schools, institutions and universities for nurturing the talents of the future

FITT strongly believes in the importance of not only nurturing the talents within its own organisation today, but also of giving the best opportunities to the talents of tomorrow to develop by establishing projects and collaborations with local schools, universities and institutions.

The synergistic exchange of knowledge and skills between schools, universities, institutions and organisations is a fundamental element that can contribute to increasing not just the attractiveness of schools and universities and the competitiveness of organisations such as FITT, but also the employment rate and the value to the territory, thanks to the economic and social growth of the same. We are talking about partnerships that for FITT are of great value, as they ensure that the organisation is always up to date in terms of skills and expertise requirements related to the world of Research & Development.

For this reason, for years FITT has been collaborating with local schools and universities in the area, enrolling young talents into school-work and internship programs, working with them on research projects, and welcoming testers and PhD graduates.

For FITT, innovation starts with people: adopting new tools and working methods and engaging people is key to making them the main element of success. This is why FITT is constantly working to improve the well being and the satisfaction of people, starting from the enhancement of their skills and listening to them.

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