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06 November 2017

With Ocjo at FITT safety in the workplace becomes entertainment

High emotions and happy smiles for more than 600 employees of the Vicenza-based company during the event staged by Ocjo on 31 October at the FITT production plant in Sandrigo (VI).

During a major production stoppage, the plant became a big stage for a day, welcoming a theatre show entitled“Ridiamoci sopra ma pensiamoci su” (Laugh about it but think about it too).  This was the very aim of the event: to create an unusual and involving way to get everyone together thinking about the importance of workplace prevention as a key means to safeguarding health.  Moving testimonials alternated with lighter and amusing episodes to create awareness and prevent ignorance and superficiality, aimed at achieving the best in matters of safety equipment and virtuous behaviour in the workplace.

Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT, introduced the show, emphasising: “Safety is a crucial issue. All too often it is dealt only with the cold logic of numbers, but what is actually at stake is the lives of flesh and blood people. We need to take the path of responsibility to ourselves and to others.”

The “Ocjo” event consisted of a series of episodes including “Da Giovane carpentiere a grande invalido del lavoro” (From young carpenter to grownup workplace invalid) by  Flavio Frigè, who talked about his personal experiences, the monologue “Metalmezzadri” (Sheetworkers/Sharecroppers) by Bruzio Bisignano, former steelworker and now prevention instructor, on the subject of “Quarant’anni di nord est tra lavoro, salute e passione” (Forty years of work, health and passion in the north-east) and a show by the cabaret group Trigeminus.

The event enjoyed the participation of local institutions, representatives of Spisal (Service for prevention hygiene and safety in work environments), trade associations and HR managers from other companies.

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