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The mission of the FITT group is to improve the performance of its customers by providing complete thermoplastic material pipes, hoses and systems for the transport of liquid, gaseous and solid substances, with products at the forefront of technology, design and sustainability.
Sites around the world
Business areas
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Italia - Headquarter
  • Sandrigo [hq]
  • Fara [production plant]
  • Lugo [production plant]
  • Pianezze [production plant]
  • Occhiobello [production plant]
  • Monsampolo [production plant]
  • San Pietro in Gù [production plant-logistics hub]
  • Zaragoza [commercial office]
  • Grenay [logistics hub]
  • Tricot [production plant]
  • Vitrolles [commercial office]
  • St. Herblain [production plant]
  • Monaco [commercial office]
United States
  • Mooresville [commercial office]
  • Shanghai [commercial office]
  • Węgrów [production plant]
Innovation and Services
Innovation and Services

FITT strongly believes in the principle of Open Innovation and collaborates with an international network of partners, universities and research centres. It relies on external organisations to validate protocols and quality tests, and to map the environmental impact of its products.

Automated, agile and customised logistics capable of adapting to the demands of the different sales channels of large customers, with a service that supplies both large central structures and the individual point of sale, up to the private individual buying online. FITT’s network of logistics centres, strategically located throughout Europe, enables delivery in 48/72 hours to the main European markets, in addition to a reduction in environmental impact and the resulting CO2 emissions. For the same reason, FITT adopts a policy of load saturation and favours intermodal transport.

FITT launches FITT Force carbon neutral: the first garden hose whose CO2 emissions have been compensated through the purchase of carbon credits
FITT measures its sustainability baseline, sets a plan for the development of its profile and its sustainability performance, and becomes a Benefit Company
FITT celebrates its 50th anniversary by including Sustainability among the pillars of its 2023 Vision and consolidating its presence in the United States and China
FITT implements an advanced digital ecosystem that allows direct access to the end user of the products
FITT looks to the future through its 2023 Vision. The pillars are the digital revolution, innovation and the centrality of the end-user
The business enters its second generation: Alessandro Mezzalira takes over the control of the company
Decisive technological and commercial partnerships bring to an expansion of the commercial interests, taking the FITT range to America and Japan
In just a few years FITT reaches a leadership position in Italy and consolidates its presence across Europe
The passion, innovative vision and creativity of Rinaldo Mezzalira spurred the start of the entrepreneurial activity
ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 is the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). The standard has been published by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), an independent non-governmental body with 164 members representing most countries in the world. It was last updated in 2015 and, therefore, its current version is the ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001

FITT is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. With the ISO 9001:2015 certification, FITT wishes to guarantee to its customers a Management System based on the following 7 quality principles:

Customer Centric

The objective of FITT is to supply quality products to its customers. Customer satisfaction is therefore our main focus. This means establishing relationships with our Customers, getting to know them and their specific needs, ensuring two-way communication throughout the process and measuring their satisfaction levels, to make sure that requirements, expected or otherwise, are met.

Importance of top management leadership

The Management Team of FITT is consistently striving to create the right conditions so that our resources are involved in achieving the quality objectives of the organisation. The unity of purpose, direction and commitment in FITT, enables the organisation to align strategies, policies, processes and resources to achieve its goals.

Involvement of the FITT People

FITT believes that the resources of the organisation, FITT People, bring added value. To ensure that this added value is not lost, FITT, through its Quality Management System, invests daily in the competence and growth of the FITT People.

FITT strongly believes that respecting people, and making them aware and responsible, and keeping them involved in the organisation’s activities, strengthens the company itself and makes it better suited to achieving its goals.

The process-based approach

In managing the complexities of the organisation, the Quality Management System of FITT follows a process-based approach. Identifying, understanding and managing interconnected processes that operate as a coherent system contributes to the efficiency of FITT in achieving its goals. Controlling and improving individual processes is the most effective and valuable method for FITT to also improve the entire system.

Continuous improvement

FITT believes and consistently invests in continuous improvement, in order to maintain its position as a market leader. This allows FITT to react swiftly to changing internal or external conditions and find flexible solutions for creating new opportunities.

Evidence-based decision-making

The Quality Management System of FITT is designed to facilitate decisions based on the analysis and evaluation of data: it determines, measures and monitors key indicators, to assess the correct functioning of a process and the organisation itself; it makes all the necessary data available to the relevant individuals; it guarantees that data and information are sufficiently accurate, reliable and secure; it uses suitable data collection and analysis methods; it makes sure that people have the necessary skills to analyse and evaluate data as required; it keeps support documentation up-to-date.

Relationship Management

For FITT, managing the interaction between stakeholders such as customers, employees and suppliers, is vital for sustainability and the creation of added value for its business. FITT manages relations among stakeholders with a view based on shared values and partnership.