fitt magazine
26 November 2019

Mens sana in spatio sano

Mens sana in spatio sano (healthy mind in healthy space) is how we could adapt this famous Latin quote to our situation.
New, welcoming and sustainable spaces have been opened at our Sandrigo headquarters, dedicated not only to working activities, but also relaxation.

We have refurbished the company canteen with the object of achieving zero non-biodegradable waste: new cooking and portioning on location; stop to single portion packaging and plastic water bottles, washable dishes, cutlery and glasses; drinks available from a new local zero km dispenser.

We have improved the relaxation area with an outdoor porch and some greenery, and an eye for design and modernity, also clear in the new office area, with large windows running along the whole external wall, for maximum natural light. Plays of light and clear views that can also be enjoyed in the mezzanine floor, where we can spend a few minutes having a coffee or a chat.

The result of all this work is a modern structure, welcoming and optimised for minimum energy consumption, thanks to the installation of latest generation electric systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, and fully LED lighting, in addition to acoustic insulation. Better comfort for better services.

Our spaces have are now places where we can fully enjoy company life, giving voice to our ideas and space to our creativity.

Because at FITT we feel like at home.

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