Know How
Know How

FITT is a pioneer in the production and development of solutions for the transfer of fluids for domestic, professional and industrial applications.


With its headquarters in Sandrigo (Vicenza), FITT has a turnover of over 300 million Euro, exports to 87 countries, has 1,200 collaborators, 12 production sites (9 in Italy, 3 in Europe), 14 logistics sites worldwide and 5 subsidiaries.

More than 50 years of history and tradition ensure the capability to offer to the market reliable and universally recognised solutions, including:
• The NTS technology, which prevents knots and kinks.

• The patented Chlorine Defence System – CDS, for swimming pool hoses.
• The KTW-A and DVGW W270 certified drinking water hose.
PVC-A, the special polymer alloy used for the manufacture of the FITT Bluforce drinking water network system.
FITT Force carbon neutral, the first 100% compensated hose of the gardening sector.


Each solution is designed for maximum performance in terms of durability, yield and operability, and is manufactured with a specific chemical formula that entails the use of certain types of plastic.

PVC, polyolefins (polypropylene and polyethylene) and thermoplastic elastomers are the types most commonly used by FITT for its products.


FITT strongly believes in the principle of Open Innovation and collaborates with an international network of partners, universities and research centres. It relies on external organisations to validate protocols and quality tests, and to map the environmental impact of its products.


With a constant outlook towards sustainability, FITT’s revolutionary products are the maximum expression of the research activity on the reduction of the raw materials used, on the exploitation of reusable packaging, on the efficiency of the production processes and on end of life disposal solutions.

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FITT has available automated, agile and customised logistics capable of adapting to the demands of the different sales channels of the customers, with a service that supplies both large distribution centres and the individual point of sale, up to the private individual buying online.

FITT’s network of logistics centres, strategically located throughout Europe, enables delivery in 48/72 hours to the main European markets, in addition to a reduction in environmental impact and the resulting CO2 emissions. For the same reason, FITT adopts a policy of load saturation and favours intermodal transport.

Plastic is irreplaceable

FITT’s products do an important but often invisible job: they are solutions that serve the environment and people, developed with cutting-edge technology to reduce their environmental impact.