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19 June 2017

Research and innovation at Fitt: designing for simplicity in a world of growing complexity

Research and innovation at FITT are no just words that identify a pay-off, but rather identifiable people, processes, activities, functions, measures, responsibilities and places.
The crossroads between company management, vision, communication, marketing and customer care.

There are over 20 people working full-time in the FITT Innovation and Technology department. The company has also adopted a development strategy that encourages all collaborators to generate ideas and support the development of new technologies.

FITT Innovation Center

A real FITT Innovation Center, in which the input from the modern market – end users, buyers, stakeholders, influencers, the academic and scientific world – is gathered, interpreted and used to challenge and improve the company’s products and services day after day.

The introduction of a sample factory in the manufacturing area, completes the picture, allowing us to test and develop a large number of innovative technological solutions day after day for products and processes.


  • Research into materials, manufacturing processes, new technologies, new applications
  • Development and manufacture of raw materials for FITT products and solutions.
  • Product design, but before that – design of the machinery itself.
  • Product and accessory design
  • Certifications. The FITT R&D LAB is charged with validating products, characterising products and new materials, and communicating with the certifying bodies
  • Networking with Universities and the academic world, getting people involved and offering doctorate courses in-house.
  • Strategic partnerships with key suppliers, both for materials and process technologies

Designing for simplicity

A continuous dialogue between people and different company functions with the aim of designing an efficient level of simplicity in an interconnected world of growing complexity.
A Laboratory of Innovation in which silos of information are banned, people communicate, collaboration – including with strategic partners – is made possible and advantageous and the benefit to the end customer emerges through the work of various company functions that work in synergy, aware of the immediacy of the impact of each ones choices on everyone else.


Are you interested in proposing a project or participation to the FITT R&D Lab?

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