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18 October 2021

FITT is TOP-JOB 2021-2022 and approves an unlimited time smart working policy

The constant attention that FITT has always dedicated to its people has also been recognised by the German Institute for Quality and Finance (Itqf), which in collaboration with Affari&Finanza carried out a study on the best employers in Italy, selecting the 300 “TOP JOB – ITALY’S BEST EMPLOYERS 2021/2022” companies. The study, based on the Social Listening Index method, collected over 1 million mentions online (on social media, blogs, forums, news portals, videos) during a period of 12 months, containing references to the 2,000 employers analysed.
The analysis was conducted using artificial intelligence to track all user quotes, their tone and the outcome (positive, negative and neutral). The method of the Institute, which is part of the Hubert Burda Media Group, leader in employer branding in German-speaking countries, has been successfully tested in Europe for years.

The result of the research, now in its fourth edition, is the TOP JOB – Best Employers 2021 listing, which gives a snapshot of the top 300 best viewed employers in our country.

Among the issues considered were working environment, professional development, growth prospects, sustainability and corporate values. Being great in one of the aspects analysed was not enough: each individual dimension was taken into account during the assessment.

​”This recognition demonstrates that our commitment to ensuring high quality corporate life is valued positively by our employees and all our stakeholders.” – says Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITTWe are proud to be part of this list based on online reputation: it encourages us to continue with projects aimed at improving the way employees experience the company. An example of this, is the activation of lean working policies and the cultural change that they bring, characterised by flexibility and autonomy in the choice of spaces, working hours and tools used, in exchange for greater responsibility regarding results. There is still a lot to do, but this analysis tells us that we are on the right track.”

The policy came into force on 18 October and is valid indefinitely: during the 5 working day week, for up to 3 days FITT employees who carry out tasks compatible with smart working can work from home or from another suitable and compliant location, including the emerging public co-working spaces.

Fostering a work-life balance for employees is undoubtedly the primary objective of the new smart working policy. But the policy also aims at promoting greater autonomy and responsibility in day-to-day operations, increasing efficiency and productivity and, last but not least, improving the satisfaction and engagement of the workforce of the company.

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