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14 September 2021

FITT at Radici future: The event to lay the foundations for a sustainable future

FITT’s public commitments in the field of sustainability continue relentlessly: after taking part in Green Week, it is now the turn of Radici Future, a Festival organised by the Bassano Section of Confindustria Vicenza to explore the boundaries of the circular economy, test state-of-the-art solutions and inspire the younger generations.

Radici Future is not just a festival: it’s also a journey where the stars are Bassano and the companies of the territory, who take centre stage to share their stories, experiences and initiatives, to lay the foundations for a sustainable future.

FITT has received the invitation and has decided to take part in the first edition of Radici Future, to share its own experience as a company working with plastic materials in a responsible manner, with a tangible commitment towards environmental and social issues.

On Friday 1 October from 18.30 to 19.30, at Sala dell’Armamento in Bassano, FITT will share its experience on how to develop a product with improved environmental impact, giving consumers the opportunity to choose an innovative, responsible and carbon neutral solution.

We felt the need to participate in this first edition of Radici Future to show people how FITT, a plastic processing company, manages to do just that in a sustainable way.” – Says Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT – “We live in an age in which consumers are bombarded with information, sometimes not quite correct, and struggle to make their way through all sorts of conflicting news. It is therefore up to businesses to guide consumers, to ensure conscious, informed and correct purchases. To do this, companies must take to the field and be transparent. Only in this way, will they be able to win the trust of customers and retain them over time.”

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