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13 July 2021

Green Week: the first Corporate Responsibility showcase

FITT operates in the thermoplastic sector, but strongly believes that this is compatible with being a responsible company, who cares about the future of its stakeholders and the Planet.

It has always developed cutting-edge materials and technologies that place sustainability at the heart of all research and innovation activities. The objective is to achieve economic “circularity” through an integrated approach that goes from the reduction of energy consumption to the reduction of the raw materials used, from the recycling of materials to the reduction of the packaging, to the preparation for the end of life of the products.

Due to this commitment, FITT has taken part in the tenth edition of Green Week, the green-thinking showcase event promoted by ItalyPost, Symbola and Corriere della Sera, with two different approaches: as Sustainability Factory and as a speaker company in Parma, during the Green Economy Festival.

The “Sustainability Factories” tour featured highly innovative companies that operate with sustainability at the core of their activities: from 6 to 8 July, students, PhD students and researchers from the best Italian universities, professionals and experts, visited the most innovative and green companies.

Therefore, on Wednesday 7th July, FITT opened the doors of its factory of Fara Vicentino (VI): after an institutional classroom session, with a presentation of the company and the products manufactured at the site, visitors followed a six-stage path at the discovery of the “best practices” implemented by the Vicenza-based company to reduce its environmental footprint in terms of both products and processes.
The trigeneration and ammonia cooling plants, the relamping, the grinding mill, the socket forming machines, the laboratory and the new covered warehouse were all highlighted by the tour.

At the same time, Parma hosted the Green Economy Festival, an event consisting of conventions, workshops, conferences and round tables attended by the most important representatives of the economic and financial sectors, and the institutions concerned with sustainability issues.

On Saturday 10 July, FITT was involved in a panel dealing with green chemistry entitled “Sustainable development and business: the challenge of the green economy“. Marco Bucci, Innovation & Technology director of FITT, presented the sustainable actions that the Vicenza-based company has already undertaken for some years and the future development strategies.

Investing in innovation, scientifically measure our work and adopt a supply chain approach capable of actively involving all the players, following the principle of interdependence, allow FITT to minimize the negative impacts along the life cycles of our products.
An event, Green Week, which for ten years has given voice to the leading experts and operators in the sector, to discuss the new frontiers of sustainable development.
A national showcase and a must for FITT, to demonstrate that working with plastic in a responsible way is not a utopia.

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