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27 October 2022

K 2022 Trade Fair: Innovation, sustainability, future and strategic partnerships

K 2022, the world’s no. 1 Trade Fair dedicated to the sectors of rubber and plastics, has come to an end.

The event represented an opportunity for exchanging and comparing ideas, and learning about new materials, products and processes. But above all, it gave the chance to grow and strengthen partnerships between FITT and the most important players in the supply chain.

INOVYN, Europe’s first PVC manufacturer, honoured FITT with a Gold Award in the Value to Society category of the INOVYN Awards for FITT Bluforce RJ, the first EPD®-certified PVC-A piping system, and also the first with integrated non-removable mechanical seal system in Europe.

FITT Bluforce RJ is the drinking water network piping system with tensile resistant joint ideal for horizontal directional drilling, the no dig technology that avoids the need for open construction sites, with important gains in terms of traffic circulation, material handling and installation, as well as for the safety of the public and workers. Thanks to these characteristics, it creates value for society.

The object of the INOVYN Awards is to promote the image of PVC as an innovative, sustainable, versatile, cost-effective and safe material, used in products that bring significant benefits to society.

From Europe to America, from the more traditional PVC to the latest technopolymers, from the best known domains to the latest and newest applications for plastic materials: the K 2022 Trade Fair brings together all the key players of the sector.

Celanese, a world-renowned player in the production of polymers and a key partner for the supply of Santoprene TPV, chose to promote on its own stand FITT Force Carbon Neutral, made using the American giant’s own thermoplastic material.
FITT Force Carbon Neutral, the first 100% compensated hose, is a success story for Celanese and an innovative example of the use of Santoprene.

FITT Force Carbon Neutral is made with the innovative material that allows the use of 50% less raw material than normally required in the production of traditional PVC hoses. It also combines the characteristics of vulcanised rubber (flexibility at extreme temperatures and high mechanical properties) with the processing and recycling properties of thermoplastics.

Sustainability, innovation, impact on people, the environment and business, are the pillars of FITT’s way of doing business. The same principles were also embraced by the strategic partners during the K 2022 Trade Fair.
At a time of great change and uncertainty, shared values and visions are key elements for partnerships that look to the future of the planet.

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