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13 March 2018

The final phase of the Master Project Winter Session

Today, 13 March, saw the conclusion of the Master Project Winter Session, an initiative uniting FITT and students of the Italian School of Design (Scuola Italiana Design) in Padua.

Over an intense three-month period, the students were put to the test as they developed new scenarios, product concepts and accessories dedicated to the garden sector.

The main highlight was YOYO, the extensible system that unleashed the imagination and resourcefulness of the young talents.

The Master Project consisted of three main stages: in November, the handing of the brief to the class by the FITT team responsible for the project, then the actual development of the proposals and solutions devised by the students – grouped into six work groups – and, lastly, the presentation of the final projects today in the Sandrigo headquarters.

The CEO of FITT, Alessandro Mezzalira, participated with enthusiasm and interest in the presentation of the challenging and innovative projects, which the company will soon take into consideration and study.


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