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15 January 2019

10 millions from MISE for an innovative research and development project

We have obtained a 10 million funding from the Ministry for Economic Development for the research and development project for a new generation of “full Made in Italy” products, within the scope of the tender “Large Projects – Rotational Fund for the Support of Company Investments and Research – sustainable industrial project”.

Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT, said: “This important funding is the recognition of the capability of FITT to pursue innovative product projects, of its ability to monitor and forestall the market, by creating products that have no actual competitors, and which in view of their innovative characteristics require ad-hoc test protocols.”

The research project has been fully developed by our Innovation & Technology area, which will also follow its implementation: a structure only created in two years, and which today consists of a staff of 40, including individuals with full I&T duties and others covering operational roles at the service of I&T, for the development of innovative processes and products.

The objectives that we want to reach are: coupling of materials with the object of ensuring product multifunctionality; creation of new materials that will allow raw material savings; development of complete systems capable of simplifying B2B applications and of monitoring performance. The project fully reflects our main development drivers: environmental sustainability, water saving and centrality of the end user.

A project that spans over 360 degrees, the qualities of which have been recognised by MISE, and which aims at investigating material, system and approach innovations, in order to drive us more and more towards a sustainable future.

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