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11 June 2017

FITT Bluforce pipes: the crack-resistant solution for pressurised watering pipelines

FITT Bluforce pipes, made from PVC-A, are manufactured and distributed in Italy by FITT.

FITT Bluforce represents the outcome of a technological development that started in the UK in the 1990s, the moment in which the awareness dawned of the high maintenance costs borne by municipal companies due to the continuous breakage of underground pipes.

The focus of our research into the manufacture of new pipes for pressurised watering pipelines therefore became:

  • Eliminating leaks
  • Stopping corrosion
  • Eliminating breakages over time
  • Guaranteeing resistance to pressure
  • Guaranteeing resistance to cyclic loads
  • Guaranteeing resistance to impact

FITT Bluforce pipes: ductile and strong

The response is FITT Bluforce, a polymer alloy pipe (PVC-A).

FITT Bluforce is the first pipe for carrying pressurised fluids made from an innovative mixture of PVC-A, manufactured in Italy, suitable for pressurised watering pipelines

  • waterworks
  • irrigation systems
  • pressurised and gravity-based sewers.

Traditional PVC-U resin, which was previously used to make pipes, becomes PVC-A thanks to the addition of Polyethylene Chloride (PEC).

Stability combined with plasticity to obtain a blend that offers maximum strength and is extremely ductile.

The advantages of FITT Bluforce pipes for citizens, customers and contractors

FITT developed PVC-A FITT Bluforce Crack Resistant pipes to guarantee maximum performance for water pipelines in terms of

  • long system life
  • continuity of water supply service
  • reduction in watering pipeline installation and maintenance costs

and this is thanks to

  • ductility
  • strength
  • ease of use

which facilitate works, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of the watering pipeline, protecting it from rough handling, incorrect installation and critical climatic conditions


The focus that accompanied the design and industrialisation of PVC-A FITT Bluforce Crack-Resistant pipes was concentrated on the three aspects that determine a reduction in system management costs


  • the moment of installation on-site, careless handling and incorrect practices that can often translate into costly maintenance operations;
  • unreliability over time under operating conditions, to prolong resistance to chemical and electrical corrosion in the system;
  • hydraulic performance, in response to increased hydraulic flow rate with equal infrastructural impact.

Speed, ease of installation and prevention of human error are guaranteed in FITT Bluforce pipes by the cup joint system with seals mechanically pre-inserted into the pipes when hot during the formation of the cup.


The Power Lock seal is comprised of a sealing element in EPDM elastomer compliant with UNI EN 681, co-moulded with a hardening ring in fibre-reinforced propylene, which prevents accidental movement of the seal, thus ensuring ease of installation and excellent sealing properties over time.

Already in distribution in Italy

The latest use of FITT Bluforce pipes by the Public Administration in Italy is that of the sewer raising project in the province of Rovigo (2300 m DN 160 PN 16). Also in this instance the installation technicians were able to appreciate the properties of FITT Bluforce piping by FITT S.p.A. The lightweight pipe consistently speeded up site operations on a fast main road.

Ease of installation, durability and hydraulic safety, these are the strengths, demonstrated here once again, of FITT Bluforce Crack Resistant.

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