fitt magazine
17 February 2020

European début for the FITT Bluforce system at Carrefour de l’Eau

At the end of January, the city of Rennes hosted Carrefour des Gestions Locales de l’Eau, the French event dedicated to the water network sector bringing together all the players with a full program of meetings and training sessions.

An event that also saw the participation of FITT, and marked the European début of FITT Bluforce and FITT Bluforce RJ, the PVC-A pipes for pressurised water systems.
The first step towards the internationalisation of the FITT Bluforce system therefore started on the other side of the Alps, thanks to the collaboration with Penet Plastiques, a company with a 50-year specialisation in the distribution of environmentally responsible building solutions, and the ideal partner for FITT and PVC-A, the material used to produce the FITT Bluforce system.
PVC-A is in fact an innovative polymer alloy obtained by combining the resistance of PVC-U and the ductility of chlorinated polyethylene, making the product ductile, with excellent crack propagation resistance, as well as easy to handle and install in every condition.

FITT Bluforce, the pipe with hot formed socket-based jointing system, and FITT Bluforce RJ, with integrated tensile resistant jointing system ideal for HDD applications, were received with a lot of enthusiasm during their trip to France. The international journey of FITT Bluforce is only just starting, but such a good début gives great hopes for the future.

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