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17 July 2019

From north to south, FITT’s commitment to the integrated water system

Infrastructural and water network systems require innovative solutions, both in terms of materials and installation. New technologies play a leading role in ensuring continuity of the services delivered, containing losses and leaks, within a framework of environmental sustainability.

This is why FITT has decided to take part in two events involving the Italian peninsula from north to south: Servizi a Rete Tour, at the HERA premises of Bologna, and TeSI (Tecnologie e Strumenti Innovativi – Innovative Technologies and Tools), at the Federico II University of Naples.

Climate changes and the faster and faster transformation of cities were the topics of discussion of the first event, dedicated to Utilities and the technicians of the sector. The involvement of FITT was focused on the selection of FITT Bluforce RJ – the PVC-A polymer pipe – by the HERA Group for the expansion of the Bagnacavallo (RA) water distribution network.

The project entailed the replacement of an obsolete water distribution network in order to be able to meet the exponential water demand due to the significant growth of production activities in the region. The surveys carried out on the old network had in fact highlighted some sections suffering from significant pressure shortfalls.
The lightness, the flexibility and the integrated restraint joint meant that FITT Bluforce RJ could be installed using the no-dig technology, a quick and non-invasive installation procedure.

And the polymer alloy was also the main topic of the eight edition of the TeSI seminar, dedicated to new materials and design innovations for water distribution infrastructures, attended by academics, engineers, service providers and installers.

The applications of the FITT Bluforce system in completed work sites were supported by the interventions of lecturers of the Federico II university of Naples, who outlined significant analysis elements relating to the behaviour of PVC-A in different operating conditions and types of induced breaks.

FITT is always at the forefront in meeting the needs of technicians, enterprises, environment and territory, and looks forward to seeing you in Florence at the Fortezza Da Basso for the 37th International NO-DIG.

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