fitt magazine
10 October 2019


We attended in Florence the 37th edition of International NO-DIG, the most important event for the promotion of trenchless technologies and their application in infrastructural works. Our company played a starring role both in theoretical and practical events.

Trenchless technologies allow the installation, replacement or refurbishment of underground systems without the need for open air excavations. They are therefore a valid alternative to traditional working sites, particularly in city environments, where the presence of historical limitations and under-services can make laying activities extremely complicated.

International NO-DIG is the main event organised by the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT), hosted by a different affiliate every year. Its aim is to promote training and knowledge in the trenchless sector.

A unique event, on home turf, that FITT could really not fail to attend: a showcasing of the most innovative trenchless technology products and services; a technical-scientific program attended by many national and international experts; an important promoter of new relations and new business opportunities.

A representation of the clear benefits of the new trenchless technologies for both citizens and the environment, and of their strategic roles in the refurbishment of infrastructures. An event that fully complements the FITT philosophy, driven by innovation, sustainability and networking, the cores of our way of doing business.

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