Social Talks: meetings to inspire, experiment, discover and rediscover.

FITT Echoes – vol. IV

Social Talks: meetings to inspire, experiment, discover and rediscover.

One Thursday of every month after work, the FITT People have come together to explore contemporary and significant issues, looking at things from new perspectives and then comparing notes. Leading them, were a number of external speakers, experts in the fields of
health, youth, women and disability, linked to the associations we support.

INNOVATION is the drive behind FITT’s business and the starting point for limiting CO2e emissions.

That is why we merged our two audiences – our employees and our stakeholders – together into one, talking about: mindfulness,
language and gender inequality, time management and perception, diversity, scientific research and health
A new way of bringing together the internal side of the Social coin – the corporate people – with the external side – the community in which we operate -, to turn the well-being of the FITT People into an opportunity for multidimensional impact on the community of which we are part.

[img: ‘Mindfulness’ Dr. Anna Neresini]

TRANSPARENCY is the criterion applied by FITT when investigating its own impacts and communicating them to all its stakeholders.

During the Social Talks, the positive impacts generated by the project on the FITT People also reached the stakeholders.
Curiosity, surprise, awareness, in some cases even perplexity and disillusionment, but also laughter, lightheartedness and conviviality: this is what Social Talks stimulated in us.

[img: ‘Gender inequality and violence’ Drs. Anna Giacobbo and Anna Cortese]

INTERDEPENDENCE is FITT’s capability of maximising its own positive impact on the community and of promoting responsible development through partnerships with all the stakeholders.
We therefore asked the associations we support and some experts in the field to help us organise the Social Talks.
During the events, the FITT People had the opportunity of meeting different professionals in one place, interacting with them in an active and informal manner.

[img: ‘Waiting time, caring time and the time that remains’ Dr. Marco Maruzzo]

u All social talk one by one
All social talk one by one

#1 – Mindfulness for well-being in the workplace
Speaker: Dr.Anna Neresini

Mindfulness is something that can be applied at any time of the day and which accompanies even the simplest gestures, inside and outside the workplace.
In this session, we explored the concept of Mindfulness to manage stress, anxiety and difficult emotions, and regain personal well-being.

#2 – Gender inequality and violence: the language
Speakers: Drs. Anna Giacobbo and Arianna Cortese

Shaping change and reflecting on how to refer to men and women, freeing ourselves from gender discrimination.
In this session, we explored gender violence, its manifestations, and how it can be combated, starting with the language that we use every day.

#3 – Waiting time, caring time and the time that remains
Speaker: Dr. Marco Maruzzo

What is time, how we perceive it and how do life events affect its duration.
In this session, we explored the concept of time through a narrative that spans across our daily lives and the world of health.

#4 – Miracles: a matter of research
Speaker: Dr. Martina Piccoli

Progress, innovate, heal, and live are all verbs that acquire meaning through scientific research.
In this session, we explored how far we have come and how far we still have to go.

#5 – Diversity: origin, evolution and conflicts
Speaker: Prof. Luca Trappolin

Diversity and inclusion are currently hot topics. But has it always been this way?
In this session, we explored what diversity means and whether protecting diversity can generate conflicts among competing social groups.