FITT FORCE is Europe’s first carbon neutral watering hose

FITT Echoes – vol. I

FITT FORCE is Europe’s first carbon neutral watering hose

In summer 2022, FITT Force Carbon Neutral was the star of a pilot project in cooperation with Leroy Merlin France, who displayed it in 130 of its shops.
The result of the promotion exceeded expectations: FITT Force Carbon Neutral was completely sold out.

Does this mean that we are at a point where consumers are choosing to take a new path, changing their behaviour in favour of innovative and increasingly sustainable products?

INNOVATION is the drive behind FITT’s business, and the starting point for limiting CO2e emissions.

Limiting CO2 emissions is a tangible objective that FITT pursues on several fronts: in the research into new materials, the improvement of the efficiency of production lines, the use of energy from renewable sources, the optimisation of logistic services and the reduction of our packaging.

FITT Force Carbon Neutral reduces by 43% CO2e emissions compared to FITT NTS.

TRANSPARENCY is the criterion applied by FITT when investigating its own impacts and communicating them to all its stakeholders.

This is why we carry out an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) according to international standards ISO 14040 and 14044: a scientific tool that allows us to identify and measure the environmental impacts of our products, from the sourcing of raw materials to the disposal of the finished product.

INTERDEPENDENCE is FITT’s capability of maximising its own positive impact on the community and of promoting the responsible development of the sector, through partnerships with all the stakeholders.

For this reason, after reducing the environmental impact of FITT Force by 43%, we have chosen to compensate the remaining CO2e emissions through the purchase of Gold Standard certified carbon credits generated by the Water is Life project in partnership with Wami Water. With the purchase of FITT Force carbon neutral, everyone contributed by bringing 10 litres of drinking water to one of the poorest areas of Madagascar.
Furthermore, in order to bring a unique product to the market, we used one of our historical partners: the Adeo Group.

u FITT Force Carbon Neutral - An Eco Design Project
FITT Force Carbon Neutral - An Eco Design Project
FITT Force Carbon Neutral

We wanted to create an environmentally friendly and socially responsible garden hose respectful of both people and the environment. Which is why we designed it following the principles of eco-design.

Eco-design is an approach to design that aims to reduce the environmental impact of products, taking into account their entire life cycle, from production to disposal. It’s based on three fundamental principles: performance, reduction, and circularity.

The result? FITT Force Carbon Neutral is lightweight, compact, durable, and easy to repair.
Thanks to the research into new materials, the streamlining of production processes and the optimization of logistics services, as well as the reduction of the packaging volumes, during its life cycle it produces 43% less CO2e than traditional NTS hoses.

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