FITT becomes promoter of the rebirth of the Marcesina plain

FITT Echoes – vol. II

FITT becomes promoter of the rebirth of the Marcesina plain

FITT is a Società Benefit, committed to doing business by generating economic, environmental and social value.
In line with its 2030 sustainability strategy, The responsible flow, FITT has set out to create partnerships with its stakeholders to protect biodiversity and support social initiatives.

During Hurricane Vaia, 800 hectares of forest land were destroyed and 300,000 cubic metres of wood were brought down in three hours, equivalent to the amount sold in 120 years.
The strong ties that bind us to the area in which we operate and our Società Benefit status have led us to be promoters of the rebirth of the Marcesina plain.

INNOVATION is the drive behind FITT’s business, and the starting point for limiting CO2e emissions.

This is why we have carried out a study for the recovery of the Marcesina plain, which combines the characteristics of the site and its historical form of use, a forest area and pasture land, with the dynamics of natural regeneration, all with particular focus on the climate change that will occur in the coming decades.
In addition to the protection and restoration of biodiversity, the study contemplates the improvement of the existing road system and the redevelopment of the area to facilitate the construction of a tourist and cultural centre.

TRANSPARENCY is the criterion applied by FITT when investigating its own impacts and communicating them to all its stakeholders.

This is why we have made the study carried out available to the territory and included it in the “FIT for LIFE” project, submitting it with a Life tender to the European Union in October 2022. Once approved, the project can be replicated by any European public or private entity throughout the EU.

INTERDEPENDENCE is FITT’s capability of maximising its own positive impact on the community and of promoting the responsible development of the sector, through partnerships with all the stakeholders.

This is the reason why we have contributed to bring together the many players in the area, with the aim of revitalising the Marcesina plain: Municipality of Enego, Veneto Region, Veneto Agricoltura, Coldiretti and Legambiente.
Some of our historical business partners have also validated this initiative through an endorsement letter included in the tender: Leroy Merlin Italy, Bigmat, Tecnomat and Fluidra. We have also received the same support from many local associations. This confirms the close bond between us and the community of which we are part and which actively supports our initiatives.

u The responsible flow, our sustainability strategy
The responsible flow, our sustainability strategy

In a time when the climate challenge is increasingly apparent, all companies are called upon to contribute. This is why FITT has embarked on its sustainability journey: The responsible flow.

The first step of this journey was to become a Benefit Company, committing to operate responsibly, sustainably, and transparently. The next step was to address ESG issues:

E, which stands for Environmental, engages us on the energy front, with a focus on decarbonization, and the development of innovative products;

S, which stands for Social, requires us to create well-being, inclusion, and safety for the FITT People, and support social and environmental initiatives together with our stakeholders, in areas such as health, women, youth, and disabled individuals;

and G, which stands for Governance, sees us transforming our business model to create shared value and contribute to a positive impact on people and the environment.

Finally, we have aligned ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, choosing 7 goals dealing with: water, energy, employment, innovation, production, climate, and partnerships.

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