FITT Revix is the first responsible hose for the swimming pool industry

FITT Echoes – vol. V

FITT Revix is the first responsible hose for the swimming pool industry

FITT Revix is the result of inclusive collaborations and shared visions among several players in the swimming pool industry.

Upstream, the partnership between FITT and the RENOLIT Group for the use of recycled materials is the ultimate expression of circularity: a new way of working together to find solutions with less environmental impact.
Downstream, the partnership between FITT and Fluidra in support of activities to protect the marine environment is proof that business relationships can be transformed into partnerships capable of generating shared value.

L’INNOVATION is the drive behind FITT’s business, and the starting point for limiting CO2e emissions.

This is why we have developed FITT Revix, the hose that uses 30% recycled material coming from solutions provided by the RENOLIT Group, a specialist and world leader in the production of high quality films, panels and other plastic products.
The use of 30% recycled material allows us to reduce CO2e emissions by 10% compared to the previous version of the same swimming pool hose, FITT Idroflex.
The patented Coreshield technology isolates the recycled material from the virgin material, therefore ensuring maximum performance.

TRANSPARENCY is the criterion applied by FITT when investigating its own impacts and communicating them to all its stakeholders.

This is why we carry out an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) according to international standards ISO 14040 and 14044: a scientific tool that allows us to identify and measure the environmental impacts of our products.
Moreover, we have chosen to make the supply chain public by revealing the raw material procurement source.

INTERDEPENDENCE is FITT’s capability of maximising its own positive impact on the community and of promoting the responsible development of the sector, through partnerships with all the stakeholders.

With FITT Revix, FITT supports Fundació Fluidra for the protection and recovery of sea animals.

u Discover the projects we support thanks to FITT Revix
Discover the projects we support thanks to FITT Revix
Limit CO2e emissions

For this reason, after reducing the environmental impact of FITT Revix by 10%, we have chosen to compensate the remaining CO2e emissions through the purchase of Gold Standard certified carbon credits generated by the Water is Life project in partnership with Wami Water.

Year of foundation, reliability, sustainability and water management are just some of the characteristics that link us to Fluidra, a leading Spanish multinational in the swimming pool and wellness sector.   With this in mind, FITT has chosen to support Fundació Fluidra, whose objectives are to guarantee access to water and its benefits to all, including the most disadvantaged communities, and promote the sustainable use of water resources.We will donate 1% of the proceeds from the sale of FITT Revix to Fundació Fluidra, which will then allocate it to Fundación CRAM, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the marine environment and its inhabitant species.

Every year we estimate a use of primary packaging of around 200 tons of LDPE, corresponding to 400 tons of CO2e. With FITT Revix we start to reduce consumption, in line with the ever more pressing demands of the market on packaging.

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