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28 October 2020

Great success for FITT’s Asian début at China Brew China Beverage 2020

The curtains have closed on the 2020 edition of China Brew China Beverage, the largest Asian event dedicated to the Food & Beverage sector, and FITT’s official début in this market with a line of certified products for the food sector.

The appointment was a fundamental step in the internationalization process that FITT is pursuing specifically on the Chinese market, to which it dedicates a proposal that will expand the large number of market segments in which the group already operates.

The Food&Beverage offer of FITT includes FITT Pure, the latest addition from our R&D team, received with excitement and great interest by visitors. We are talking about a hose for drinking water flow and transfer of liquid food manufactured according to the most stringent German – KTW A and DVGW W270  certifications  issued by Hygiene-Institut – and European – Reg. Eu. 10/2011 (simulants A-B-C-D1) – food sector regulations.

Non-toxic and with plasticizer free patent, FITT Pure is extremely flexible and strong, thanks to its TPE formulation and NTS Plus mesh that guarantees the absence of knots or twists and makes it easy to handle in all conditions.

FITT Metalflex Premium  and FITT Refittex Premium are non-toxic PVC hoses certified on the basis of the most stringent standards in the food industry, manufactured using the most advanced technologies that meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. They have a strong digital core: a QR-code printed on the webbing provides direct access to technical product information.

FITT’s first participation in China Brew China Beverage was a great success: the innovative solutions, which bring together intensive material research, Made in Italy tradition and a strong digital character, won over the large Asian audience that came to the event, providing the best confirmation of the approach strategy devised for this important and peculiar market.

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