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09 March 2018

FITT YOYO at Melaverde

FITT chooses Canale 5 and one of the most authoritative TV programmes to introduce the general public to FITT YOYO, its flagship product in the gardening sector.

Starting from this forthcoming Sunday and for the next four episodes, the infomercial created by Publitalia for FITT YOYO will be broadcast during the programme Melaverde. The testimonials will be the skilled presenter of the programme, Ellen Hidding, aided by Carlotta Brambilla, who will illustrate the various possibilities offered by FITT YOYO in a playful way amid a specially designed setting.

An innovative teleshopping spot that emphasises the unique features of the iconic red system for watering and washing. The product’s compact features, lightness and extreme versatility of use, which make indoor and outdoor chores fun and pleasant, are conveyed very effectively through advanced graphics and the message transmitted by the two testimonials.

“Reaching the general public is part of the FITT strategy”, explains the CEO, Alessandro Mezzalira, “it is essential for end users to understand that our products are designed to satisfy the needs of people who use them, and these needs are the most obvious but also the more surprising ones”.

The FITT YOYO advertisements will be broadcast on Melaverde on Sunday 11th, 18th and 25th March, and on 1st April, around 12:50.

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