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15 May 2024

Take care of tomorrow: FITT’s new campaign for end users

FITT launches its new “Take care of tomorrow” campaign, an opportunity to establish a dialogue with end users and share with them the core values of its business: innovation, sustainability, reliability and focus on the future.

A key element of the campaign is the emotional video, the first of its kind for FITT, which conveys the message of the “Take care of tomorrow” claim in a powerful and touching way.

The video tells about the passion for gardening and highlights the importance of good care, passed down from generation to generation. The leitmotif of the campaign is the NTS Lime hose, which is present throughout the whole story: starting with the protagonist who, as a little girl, unpacks it with her grandma, and ending with the same girl who, now a grown woman, rediscovers the hose and repairs it helped by her son, giving it a new lease of life.

Just as human actors undergo make-up sessions to simulate ageing, FITT NTS Lime has also undergone an artificial sanding process to convey the passage of time and wear and tear. FITT NTS hoses are in fact guaranteed for 30 years.


The soundtrack, specially written for the video, further reinforces the message of the campaign: the French melody revolves around care, water, affection and memory.

Take care of tomorrow” is FITT’s campaign that creates a double awareness: on the one hand, that of a reliable company, with a strong tradition behind it but with its eyes firmly set on a better future; on the other hand, that of the end user, who can take care of tomorrow by making increasingly targeted and informed choices.

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