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20 June 2024

Gafa 2024: FITT and Claber together for sustainability

Shared objectives, values and space for FITT and Claber at Gafa 2024.

Following the acquisition of Claber by the FITT Group at the beginning of 2023, the two companies have strengthened their synergy in terms of values, while keeping the identity of the two brands clear and separate.

Sharing the principles of innovation and social and corporate responsibility has led to the creation of a Water Arena, a unique space created in the name of sustainability, where FITT and Claber presented their new developments for the coming season.

FITT’s new introductions – FITT Kiuma and FITT Jantis – are the result of Ecodesign guidelines, the ability to scientifically measure the impact of products in order to reduce CO2 emissions, and the adoption of a supply chain approach that minimises negative impacts throughout the entire life cycle.

The two new domestic irrigation product families follow two different but complementary paths: no PVC for FITT Kiuma and the use of phthalate-free recycled PVC for FITT Jantis.

Claber, always committed to developing products and solutions that combine the pleasure of DIY with responsible water management, places at the heart of its range the drip irrigation line that optimises watering at the root of the plant, now made even more efficient thanks to a new eco-sustainable automation solution: the myAquaSolar controller.

The result of Claber’s commitment to research and innovation, myAquaSolar is an irrigation controller powered solely by solar energy, without the need for batteries. This is made possible by an integrated latest-generation photovoltaic panel, which also allows the watering of gardens and terraces to be programmed via an app.

The commitment to reducing environmental impact is also supported by the new packaging made exclusively from FSC paper and pulp, for an even more responsible use of our natural resources, the reduction in the use of packaging materials and the development of plastic-free packaging.

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