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29 July 2020

FITT Flowing Stories: innovation and sustainability awarded with the IF Design Award

From the eco-sustainable approach of FITT, which is reflected in both production processes and products, and involves the three fundamental principles of eco-design – reduction, reuse and recycle – comes FITT Force, the innovative lightweight and compact hose for intensive use.

For its production, FITT Force uses half of the raw materials generally used in the production of traditional PVC hoses, therefore becoming twice as compact as, and three times lighter than other garden hoses on the market.

Made from an innovative material free of PVC, lead and phthalates, FITT Force is supplied in a recyclable cardboard octagon package that meets the criteria of sustainability, strength and compactness, characteristics that are part of the structure of the hose itself. The compactness of FITT Force also has positive consequences in terms of logistics: the new FITT hose for intensive use takes up less space in the warehouse, on the shelf and inside the transport vehicle.

The quick fittings, recyclable and replaceable in two quick moves, have a highly efficient compression systems that prevent dripping and accidental water leaks. In this way, the fittings can be easily separated from the hose, increasing its useful life. Moreover, once the end of life has been reached, both the fittings and the hose can be correctly disposed, facilitating appropriate recycling and recovery of the raw materials.

The innovation in materials, technology, functionality and design that are integral parts of FITT Force have also conquered the iF International Forum Design: the garden hose by FITT for intensive use has won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020, one of the most renowned design awards in the world in the “Garden Products” category.

At FITT, sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation and performance: FITT Force is in fact another important element in our showcase of increasingly “green”, efficient and award-winning FITT products
A new solution, result of technologies that have revolutionized the world of garden hoses, developed to meet all the needs of end consumers.

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