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FITT Force
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FITT Force

FITT Force collection
FITT Force Compact Garden hose
FITT Force Garden hose professional use
FITT Force lime
FITT Force lime packaging
FITT Force blue
FITT Force blue packaging
FITT Force grey
FITT Force grey packaging
FITT Force Garden hose professional use
FITT Force Garden hose professional use

The most lightweight and durable garden hose for intensive usage

FITT presents an innovative technology that guarantees high resistance to various stresses combined with exceptional lightness.

Thanks to highly advanced materials the product is extremely compact and therefore easy to use even in the most extreme situations.

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FITT FORCE was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize.

FITT Force Tubo per irrigazione

Main use

  • Large garden
  • Intensive use
  • Abrasive surface
  • Sitution with high risk of puncturing

The hose is flat and takes its classic round shape during use. When the flow stops, its dimensions returns to the starting one: the water drains and the product is immediately handy, compact and easy to store.

Download the use and maintenance manual

NTS and HD-TECH: the perfect combination of technology and performance

With the NTS mesh, the hose offers even greater strength and performance, in addition to extreme malleability, preventing the formation of tangles and twists, guaranteeing constant water flow.

HD-TECH technology guarantees high resistance to abrasion and puncture. The use of thermoplastic elastomer *Santoprene. (Santoprene. TPV from ExxonMobil.) combined with the ultra-light technology, gives the tube extreme handling and high flexibility.

*Santoprene and Exxon are registered trademarks of ExxonMobil.

FITT Force Lightweight and durable garden hose

Product guaranteed 30 years 

  • High tenacity fiber reinforcement layer to withstand pressure > 333 psi
  • High Durable Technology (HD-TECH) cover is abrasion resistant and puncture proof
  • Ultra soft inner core layer for superior manageability and high flexibility
  • No PVC, phthalates or lead – “drinking water safe!”
  • The NTS chain mesh technology eliminates flow restriction due to kinks and tangles
  • Perfect all year long: from -30°C to +70°C
FITT Force Lightweight and durable garden hose
FITT Force Pistola tubo irrigazione

FITT READY: from the top of innovation, the advanced system of fittings and spray gun for products with NTS technology

The new FITT READY is a versatile system for all irrigation and cleaning activities in working environments.

Thanks to its ergonomics, it is extremely accurate in professional use. Born in collaboration with Centro Stile MOMODESIGN, it stands out for its elegant and up-to-date look.

Different types of jets
Powerful and strong, delicate, uniform and precise.

Flow modulator
The adjustment lever, operated by the thumb, allows modulating the flow rate of the water, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and simplicity of use.

Ergonomic handle
With soft touch rubber cover for an easy and safe grip even with wet hands.

Italian design
Kit consisting of multi-jet gun, 2 click connectors (1 aquastop) and ¾” tap adaptor.

Quick couplings system

Made of premium quality thermoplastic material with a soft rubber cover, they allow excellent grip even with wet hands.

High performance
Thanks to the quick couplings system (quick), in soft rubber for an ergonomic grip.

Easy to replace
in two steps!

Antifold collar
To avoid folding and restrictions of water flow.

100% leak proof
Thanks to a high efficiency compression system.

FITT Force Raccordi tuo irrigazione
FITT Force tubo per irrigazione

Advanced in the packaging

The packaging is studied to be eye catching: it communicates clear and precise information and highlights the main plus and benefits. Equipped with openings to allow the consumer to appreciate the physicality and the high quality construction of FITT Force, the strong handle facilitates lifting and transport. The packaging has also been designed to be pratical, to simplify the extraction and the first use of the hose.

Product info

FITT Force i'ts byword for innovation and quality with unique features:


puncture and
abrasion resistant

more compact



high water

kink free

suitable for
hose reel

Technical Data
Product Diameter Length [m] Bursting pressure [bar]
FITT Force grey with spray gun 5/8'' 20/25/30/40 20
FITT Force grey 1/2'' 15/20/30 20
FITT Force grey 5/8'' 15/25/35 20
FITT Force grey 3/4'' 25 20
FITT Force blue 1/2'' 15/20/30 20
FITT Force blue 5/8'' 15/25/35 20
FITT Force blue 3/4'' 25 20
FITT Force lime 1/2'' 15/20/30 20
FITT Force lime 3/4'' 25 20