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03 October 2019

FITT Diamond passes the International Boat Show test with flying colours

The 59th edition of International Boat Show has come to an end in Genoa. The international event, which brought to the Ligurian capital sea lovers from all over the world, was the stage for the official début of FITT in the nautical sector, focused on experience and networking.

During the Event, Saverio Cecchi, president of Ucina-Confindustria Nautica, of which FITT has been a member for the last 2 years, personally welcomed Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT. During their meeting, the two presidents exchanged ideas and visions on the evolution of the boat sector, which cannot fail to take into account the needs of end users and market trends, more and more driven toward sustainable innovation.

FITT introduced FITT Marine, the system of solutions for the management of all craft fluids that confirms FITT Diamond, the anti-odour, highly flexible and metal-free hose, as the utmost demonstration of innovation, research and development of the company from Vicenza.

The innovation, design and functionality of FITT Diamond were also fully appreciated by ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale), IBI (International Boat Industry), Ucina and I Saloni Nautici, who selected our product among the finalists of the ADI Innovation Award, the award given to the best boat accessory design.

In line with the company’s view, that puts more and more the end user at the centre of all its activities, FITT created an experience path within the stand, giving visitors the opportunity of personally feeling and testing the distinguishing characteristics of FITT Diamond.

In a first step, a simulation of a low temperature installation, visitors were able to handle sections of FITT Diamond and of another anti-odour hose available on the market, both conditioned at – 10 °, experiencing for themselves the better flexibility and handling of FITT Diamond when compared with the competition.

In the second step of the path, FITT Diamond and another anti-odour hose with metal spiral were subjected to cutting tests: with FITT Diamond, which has an internal solid metal-free spiral, the cutting speed was 4 times faster than the hose with metal spiral.

The last step, for the more daring, focused on the actual odour-absorption and anti-odour characteristics of FITT Diamond: a section of FITT Diamond and a section of a standard anti-odour hose available on the market had been filled with substances simulating waste water, and then stored for 1 year. When opening the cases storing the two sections, visitors were able to ascertain that no bad smells were coming from the case containing the FITT Diamond section, contrary to the one with the competitor product.

A direct, tangible and immediate experience that recreated the actual conditions of installation and use of FITT Diamond, devised by FITT to show once again how the research and development activities of the company are in tune with the needs of end users, with the aim of offering high performance, practical and quality solutions.

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