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24 October 2023

FITT and the Twin Factory: from doctorate to artificial intelligence vision system

In 2019, FITT joined the “Intelligent Factory” innovation agreement signed with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Veneto Region. The aim is precisely to establish the Intelligent Factory, based on the virtualisation of production processes, to maximise efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

To support this agreement, in 2021 FITT funded a three-year industrial doctorate scholarship with the University of Padua focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Artificial intelligence is the science that allows computers to behave in ways that, until recently, we thought required human intelligence,” says Andrew Moore.

Machine learning is the study of algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience,” Tom M. Mitchell.

The research project, which was judged on innovation, advancement of knowledge, improvement of environmental sustainability and acceleration of digital transformation processes, has today produced an important result: an artificial intelligence vision system that automatically measures the main geometric parameters of PVC hoses for the gardening sector.

This system, called “Soft Sensor” and implemented in the sample factory at the Sandrigo headquarters, enables more efficient production and reduces the environmental impact of products. Moreover, thanks to this system, FITT is able to reduce the start-up time of new production runs, optimise product quality, and increase reliability, tightness and durability.

A result in line with the principle of open innovation, one of FITT’s mantras, which is reflected in the establishment of solid and ongoing partnerships with the academic world, leading Italian universities, major polymer suppliers and prestigious product innovation firms.

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