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18 November 2019

FITT B-Active: safety and performance double up

The 2019 edition of Aquanale has come to an end. The Cologne event is an unmissable gathering for all those who work in the swimming pool, spa and wellness sector, and the perfect location for introducing the international public to the latest creation of the FITT Innovation&Technology team: FITT B-Active Rigid.

During the construction of embedded pools, the water transfer system requires the use of both flexible hoses and rigid pipes, especially for particularly long sections. Moreover, the conformation of the soil and the cold climate make the rigid pipe the main product of choice of installers.

Feeding from its extensive knowledge in the production of water network piping systems, the requests of the final users, and its distinguishing continuous innovation capabilities, FITT has come up with FITT B-Active Rigid, the new rigid pipe resistant to handling shocks and adaptable to movements in the soil, making the installation much easier and safer.

FITT B-Active Rigid joins the renowned FITT B-Active Flex, the water suction and delivery spiral hose with anti-chlorine protective film (Chlorine Defence System patent), outer anti-cracking spiral lining (Spiral Protection Barrier patent), and rigid anti-crushing PVC reinforcement spiral (D-shape patent).

Produced using the Shock Wave technology (patent pending), which guarantees shock resistance, FITT B-Active Rigid is a PVC-A pipe with a 3-layer construction that meets the testing requirements of the EN ISO 1452 standard. FITT B-Active Rigid may be connected to FITT B-Active Flex, or to other flexible hoses or rigid pipes, using an integrated socket-based jointing system on the pipe itself, fittings and elbows.

Once again, during Aquanale FITT pulled all the stops to promote its products in a unique and expert manner. Inside the stand, a path with different steps proved extremely successful in taking the visitors of this 4-day event through the innovative features of the FITT B-Active family: samples submerged in water with high chlorine content; hose sections subjected to Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC) tests; samples to manually bend; a press capable of reproducing the types of accidental stresses that can be suffered at the construction site, and a custom made machine to carry our low temperature shock tests.

Thanks to a path with different steps, FITT was able to give to visitors an insight of its activities and its business sectors, allowing them to sometimes feel like installers and sometimes like researchers.

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