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26 May 2020

FITT among “The faces of sustainability” at the CSR and social innovation show

Now in its eight edition, the CSR and social innovation show has been since 2013 the most important Italian sustainability event. The national show will take place next Autumn at the Bocconi University, and is preceded by the CSR Italian tour: a number of meetings in 14 different cities, aimed at promoting a sustainable business approach, at enhancing the experience of enterprises and territories, and promote virtuous emulation.

The 2020 edition of the CSR and Social innovation show is centred on the topic The faces of sustainability: a journey among the faces of the people who promote the issue, and who stand at its forefront; those whose aim is to channel ways of life, consumptions and productions through sustainable paths.

A scenario made of testimonials and people, in which also FITT has decided to become an important part, not just because we believe that sustainability must be a strategic driver of present and future company choices, but also because we have decided to promote a sustainability culture at all levels, bringing on board all our staff through training and good example.
At FITT, each member of our staff is a face of sustainability: participative culture is at the basis of our company activities, because nowadays a company exists and marks its future through the participation and commitment of all its members.

And therefore, our idea of sustainability starts with the involvement of people and on training, to then develop into our daily practical and production activities.

For some years, we have in fact been implementing a product development strategy based on eco-design lines that has taken two different directions: on one side the search for recyclable materials, thanks to an internal production chain based on zero production waste, and which goes hand in hand with energy efficiency, ensured by two cogeneration plants at the main production sites. On the other side, we are also developing products using innovative materials, in which better performance levels are associated with a lower use of raw materials and maximum compatibility of components during disposal.

But sustainability cannot be invented, nor can it be approximate. And this is why we rely on transparent, scientific, measurable and certified data. This is the case as far as the Environmental Product Declaration – EPD – of the FITT Bluforce system, the PVC-A piping system for drinking water networks: a voluntary environmental label that highlights our sense of responsibility for the territory, our partners and stakeholders, and for consumers.

From people to enterprise, going through products, processes and certification: this is our integrated vision of sustainability.

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