FITT Force Carbon Neutral

FITT Force, the world's first carbon neutral watering product

FITT Force is a lightweight, compact and extremely durable garden hose for intensive use in large vegetable and ornamental gardens, capable of withstanding abrasive surfaces with high risk of punctures.

Durable and lightweight

The FITT FORCE hose is up to twice as light and 3 times more compact than a conventional hose, making it easy to use even in the most extreme conditions. Specifically designed for intensive use in vegetable and ornamental gardens

Thanks to the NTS mesh, unique and original, FITT FORCE offers great malleability, without any knots and twists, therefore ensuring a constant water flow

The use of the HD tech technology guarantees high strength. FITT FORCE can also be used in extreme conditions and with abrasive surfaces; thanks to its highly developed materials, it also remains flexible and manageable even during the winter period

Easily replaceable, leak-proof quick fittings with no-bend collar that guarantees high performance levels

To ensure your safety, FITT FORCE does not contain phthalates nor PVC, but only highly advanced materials. Guaranteed 30 years


FITT Force Carbon Neutral LCA declaration

FITT Force Carbon Neutral

FITT identifies, measures and discloses the CO2 emissions of its products throughout their life cycle, through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
This empirical tool allows you to map the environmental impacts of products, from the procurement of raw materials to their disposal.



NTS and HD-TECH: the perfect combination of technology and performance

Thanks to the unique and original NTS mesh, FITT Force is a tube that offers great malleability, prevents the formation of knots and twists, ensuring a constant flow of water.

HD-TECH technology guarantees high resistance to abrasion and puncture. The use of Santoprene® thermoplastic elastomer * (Santoprene® TPV by ExxonMobil®), combined with ultra-light technology, gives the tube extreme handling and high flexibility.

* Santoprene and Exxon are registered trademarks of ExxonMobil.

Product guaranteed for 30 years

Reinforcement layer composed of high tenacity fibers to withstand pressures up to 20 bar
Cover with high tenacity technology (HDT) resistant to abrasion and puncture
Ultra soft underlay for extreme handling and high flexibility even at low temperatures (-30 ° C)
Absence of PVC, phthalates and lead
The unique NTS mesh technology eliminates flow restrictions due to knots or twists
Perfect all year round: -30 ° + 70 ° C.

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