FITT takes great care in the selection of raw materials, with the object of minimising the quantities used and, therefore, environmental impact. Maximum importance is also given to the design of the packaging. Packaging materials, essential for the transport and preservation of the products, are used in the smallest quantities necessary, and are optimised to reduce space requirements during transport, therefore limiting CO2eq emissions.

Raw materials
Choose the best materials, in order to reduce their use as much as possible, and therefore also their environmental impact

Featured: FITT Bluforce –25% raw material (compared to a standard PVC-U product manufactured according to ISO 1452- 2:2009)

Consider packaging a useful tool to guarantee transport and non-deterioration of the product and, in doing so, also limit its use to the minimum necessary.

Featured: FSC paper packaging and straps instead of plastic straps FITT NTS Eco

Identify solutions to minimise the bulk of its products during transport

Featured: FITT Ikon -40% transport volume (compared to traditional NTS)