FITT Bluforce

Polymer alloy pipes for the supply and distribution of water and irrigation networks. The first water distribution network PVC-A system with EPD® certification in Europe.

Thanks to its innovative PVC-A technology, FITT Bluforce offers maximum strength, allowing a significant reduction in maintenance activities on the finished works, and therefore a fully safe use of the infrastructure. The performance of FITT Bluforce is enhanced by the use of Power Lock, the socket based jointing system with integrated gasket mechanically pre-inserted during the hot formation, which transforms the pipe into a complete system that guarantees easy assembly, perfect functionality and optimum long-term seal.

Polymer alloy

The technology used for manufacturing FITT Bluforce is based on the PVC-A polymer alloy, where "A" stands for "alloy", consisting of two main compounds: traditional PVC-U and chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). PVC-A combines the strength of PVC-U and the ductility of polyethylene, resulting in a products that offers very high resistance to crack propagation, the main cause of failure in pressure networks.

FITT Bluforce features a socket based jointing system with integrated gasket, mechanically pre-inserted during the hot formation of the socket based joint. The Power Lock® gasket ensures absolute stability, and therefore easy assembly, perfect functionality and optimal long-term hydraulic tightness.

Thanks to their permanently ductile behaviour, FITT Bluforce PVC-A hoses offer high shock resistance even at low temperatures, making working site activities easier.

The FITT Bluforce PVC-A pipe is impervious to electrochemical corrosion, with excellent resistance to the chlorine dioxide used in drinking water networks.

The polymer alloy compound (PVC-A) gives the FITT Bluforce drinking water network and water mains pipe a high resistance to crack propagation, ensuring a longer product life and reduced maintenance.

FITT Bluforce EPD declaration

EPD® the environmental product declaration of the FITT Bluforce range


Technical data

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Technical data
PN10 PN16 PN20
Diameter in Pieces per pallet Thickness (mm) Thickness (mm) Thickness (mm)
90 (cm) 84 4
110 (cm) 57 4.2 6.6 8.1
125 (cm) 43 7.4 9.2
140 (cm) 23 8.3 10.3
160 (cm) 26 6.2 9.5 11.8
200 (cm) 15 7.7 11.9 14.7
225 (cm) 14 8.6 9.9
250 (cm) 12 9.6 14.8
280 (cm) 6 10.7 16.6
315 (cm) 6 12.1
355 (mm) 8 13.6
400 (cm) 6 15.3
500 (cm) 2 19.1

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