FITT NTS ECO is the new garden hose produced to celebrate 25 years of NTS - original by FITT -, the technology that has revolutionised the watering hose sector.

FITT NTS Eco celebrates 25 years since the introduction of the No Torsion System technology - original by FITT- and is the first NTS manufactured using innovative materials, capable of guaranteeing greater malleability, elasticity and resistance to extreme temperatures, while using less raw material.

Sustainable Product

Because it reduces its CO2e emissions by 15%

compared with other NTS

Unchanged performance when compared with other NTS

FITT NTS Eco LCA declaration


Through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), FITT identifies, measures and reports the CO2 emissions of its products throughout their life cycles.
This empirical tool makes it possible to map the environmental impacts of products, from the sourcing of their raw materials to their disposal.


Hose with 6-layer structure and aquamarine interior, black anti-algae layer, aquamarine intermediate layer, NTS textile reinforcement, transparent outer cover, SKY TECH film. The appearance and the design of the hose are consistent with the current NTS range.

sustainability icon
The responsible garden hose
Combining innovation and sustainability with NTS quality.
CO2e emissions
Percentage of CO2 equivalent emissions compared with current FITT NTS hoses.
Life Cycle Assessment according to UNI EN ISO 14040 & UNI EN ISO 14044.

Technical data

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Technical data
Diameter in (mm) Hose length (m) Bursting pressure (bar) Pieces per box Pieces per pallet EAN
12.5 20 25 6 72 8011963789767
15 25 23 4 48 8011963789781