fitt magazine
08 May 2019

YOYO changes face and aims at passion

2019 is a year of great changes for the iconic red hose by FITT: after the direct e-shop, it’s now time for the new passion and daily life campaign.

The For Green Lovers campaign has a fresh, captivating and fast-paced image.

The lively and deep expression of the woman in the foreground immediately takes the viewer in, without any room for doubts: cultivating one’s passions requires dedication, hard work and attention, but satisfaction is guaranteed.

The same eyes immediately draw the attention of the visitor, who when passing by the new captivating design, created in collaboration with Be Different using sustainable materials, cannot avoid to get close and discover the world of YOYO and the green lovers.

In the new YOYO campaign, YOYO does not manifest itself, but rather leaves room for emotions, becoming the secret tool to achieve happiness.

In addition, the YOYO payoff changes and becomes #wateryourpassion, feeding on the multifunctional characteristics of the hose, ideal not only for watering balcony, ornamental or vegetable garden plants, but also for other activities, like washing outdoor areas, the car, the bicycle, or even the dog.

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