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16 March 2021

We are proud to introduce FITT Gardening Ideas: the FITT digital ecosystem for end users

Being forced to stay home during the lockdown period has rekindled in citizens all over the world a passion for the home and gardening.
Gardening is a hobby that requires perseverance, knowledge and dedication. But it also brings many benefits in return: it reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, helps people to be outdoors and in contact with nature and, if practised to produce fruit and vegetables for own consumption, gives 0 km vegetables.

FITT Gardening Ideas, the new FITT digital ecosystem dedicated to end users, has been designed to respond to the curiosity of those who have only recently started gardening, to create a community of experts and enthusiasts who can exchange ideas and advice, helping green lovers to stay in touch with nature.
A full-scale project that develops through a new website and the two most popular social platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

The new site,, on line since March 1st, is designed to guide end users in their choice of the hose that best meets their needs, through the sales channels that are most convenient to them: this creates a true synergy between offline and online, fully exploiting the potential of digital technology.
FITT’s offer is in fact capable of covering all needs: FITT Ikon, the lightweight, compact and ready-to-use extendable hose that comes in four different colours, for indoor gardening, balconies and terraces, in addition to town and small gardens; FITT Force, the light, compact and strong hose for intensive use, suitable for green experts who tackle any space and surface like real professional gardeners; FITT NTS, the malleable, manageable and durable hose for green enthusiasts and demanding professionals.

In all this, we could certainly not forget to include the comprehensive dedicated store locator, a constantly updated section offering details of the points of sale where FITT products can be found. The store in fact remains one of the key touch points between the end user and the brand, a place of physical and experiential interaction. It therefore becomes more and more important to resort to omni-channel focused strategies that can integrate both channels – online and offline -, in order to draw end users in and allow them to fully experience the brand.

The social channels will captivate followers through tips and tricks about irrigation, gardening and cultivation, involve them in fun quizzes, unveil curiosities from around the world, and even address market trends.

Three platforms in constant dialogue with each other, capable of giving life to a European community that shares passions, interests and enthusiasm.

This is the reason for FITT Gardening Ideas: an endless source of gardening and hobby ideas.
A world that will show you how to enjoy and take care of your green oasis

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