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21 July 2020

The ‘Children’s Fountain’ in Vicenza: a place in all our hearts is returned to the community

A ceremony for the return of the ‘Children’s Fountain’ to the community took place yesterday in the stunning Contrà Garibaldi, at the heart of Vicenza.

An event also attended by the CEO Alessandro Mezzalira, marking the completion of the activities for the recovery and conservative restoration of the fountain, and which brought the famous masterpiece by the famous artist Nereo Quagliato to its original appearance and function.

There are many links between the Mezzalira family and this masterpiece: first of all Rinaldo Mezzalira was one of the commissioners of the fountain, which at the time was an important element for the improvement and enhancement of a part of the centre of Vicenza prelude to Piazza della Basilica square; second because the sculpture decorations by Nereo Quagliato, a great friend of Rinaldo, are among the greatest expressions of the typical Vicenza art of the last century.

And it is precisely the link with the territory – made of respect and care, participation and a sense of responsibility – that has always driven FITT in its way of doing business, leading us to take an active role, and to supporting the City Council in this redevelopment project.
FITT has in fact donated the funds that will cover the costs for the maintenance of the fountain for the next six years.  

A way to give something back to the territory of Vicenza and the community, to which FITT is very attached, and also a way to help preserve our present that will allow us to write our future together, as a demonstration that responsibility does not belong to the single individual, but to the community and each and every one of us.

An example of high-value synergy between public and private, in favour of a monument symbol of the city that contributes to a wider and wider shared construction project, where economic issues are carefully integrated with social and environmental commitment, within the scope of sustainable development.

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