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26 April 2023

FITT returns to Green Week to talk about business strategies and low environmental impact products

From 2 to 7 May Green Week, the Festival of the #GreenEconomy, the event that involves the world of business, institutions, academia and training, as well as international sustainability experts, returns.

Also in this twelfth edition, promoted by ItalyPost, Symbola and Corriere della Sera, FITT will be again protagonist in two different moments: as a Sustainability Factory and as a company speaker and promoter of a conference during the Festival.

The tour of the Sustainability Factories involves companies that stand out for their high capacity for innovation from a sustainable perspective. For this reason, on Wednesday 3 May, FITT will open the doors of its headquarters in Sandrigo (VI) to secondary school students, PhD students and international university researchers, professionals and experts.

This will be an opportunity to illustrate in depth the actions undertaken by FITT in the ESG sphere, with particular attention to the development of innovative products according to ecodesign principles and the scientific measurement of environmental impacts throughout their life cycle.

At the Festival of the Green Economy in Parma, FITT is promoting a panel dedicated to the communication of the carbon footprint of products, with the participation of Sammontana and the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium. A speech moderated by the scientific approach of Prof. Alessandro Manzardo, Professor of Strategic Environmental Management at the University of Padua, who supports companies in measuring their impacts through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

The ability to map the impacts of products through LCA generates, firstly, awareness and, secondly, offers the possibility to communicate transparently and truthfully to end consumers.

Transparency, innovation aimed at creating better performing and less impactful products, together with interdependence in proactively involving all actors in the supply chain, are in fact the three principles on which FITT’s 2030 Responsibility Strategy, The Responsible Flow, is based.

The meeting will be held on Friday 5 May from 15:00 to 16:15 at APE Parma Museo, Auditorium.
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