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20 November 2017

FITT wins the CONAI award for sustainable packaging

The Sandrigo-based company was among the winners of the “CONAI prevention competition announcement – Enhancing the environmental sustainability of packaging”

The prize cabinet of YOYO, the irrigation system designed by FITT, has been enriched by a new and prestigious award: the CONAI prize rewarding companies that have created and chosen innovative packaging with a lower environmental impact.

FITT, which specialises in the development of fluid flow solutions (for domestic, professional and industrial use), was among the companies that won the “CONAI prevention competition announcement – Enhancing the environmental sustainability of packaging”, promoted by CONAI (The Italian National Packaging Consortium), with the patronage of the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

The prize ceremony took place a few days ago at the Triennale of Milan during the event, “The economy of the future”, promoted by the Corriere della Sera newspaper. Among the 146 projects presented, FITT was rewarded among the companies that introduced innovative and eco-sustainable packaging solutions on the market over the 2015–2016 two-year period.

“This prize is particularly important for FITT, as the company is constantly engaged in pursuing a green approach involving both its products and production processes.

The CONAI prize adds further merit to the prize cabinet of YOYO, the revolutionary irrigation system that comes with innovative packaging made of transparent PET” – commented Alessandro Mezzalira, the company’s CEO.

The winning solutions tangibly reduce the environmental impact of packaging in the range of 22% less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, 21% less energy consumption and 25% water saving. The solutions represent the chains of all six packaging materials – steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass – as well as several goods categories, including packaging for food products, personal care products, detergents and industrial packaging

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