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21 June 2022

FITT introduces at Gafa The Responsible flow, its sustainability strategy to 2030

The curtain has come down on Gafa 2022, which was back live after a 2-year break.
Sustainable gardens” was the focus of this edition of the fair.
A theme also strongly felt by FITT, who chose the event to introduce to the market and all stakeholders The Responsible Flow, its sustainability strategy to 2030.
At a time when the climate challenge is becoming more and more pressing and all companies are being called upon to address ESG issues, FITT has also embarked on its own sustainability journey, aware that there are no complete and universal solutions.

E, which stands for Environmental, sees FITT engaged on two parallel fronts: energy, with a view to decarbonisation, and development of innovative products with lower impact.
S, which stands for Social, defines FITT’s commitment on two fronts: internally, focusing on the FITT people, the people of the company, and externally, by supporting social and environmental initiatives, both at local and international level, mainly in the fields of health, women, youth, and people with special needs.
G, which stands for Governance, shows FITT’s commitment to transforming its business model, to create social and environmental value.

FITT’s corporate strategy has taken shape in 3 products: FITT Force, FITT NTS Eco and FITT Box.

FITT Force is the compact and lightweight garden hose for intensive use result of the FITT’s eco-sustainable approach. It brings together the three fundamental eco-design principles: reduce, reuse and recycle.
Subjected to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, FITT Force emits 43% less COeq throughout its life cycle than a conventional PVC hose.

To celebrate 25 years since the introduction of the No torsion system technology, FITT has launched FITT NTS Eco, the hose that only uses noble materials, in smaller quantities.
The use of a more noble material has positive consequences throughout the whole life cycle of the product: the lower weight of FITT NTS Eco (-20% when compared with the standard version of FITT NTS Garden) leads to a 10% reduction in CO2 eq generated during its production, transport and end-of-life.

FITT Box is FITT’s solution designed to make available in one single pack the hose reel, ready for connection to the tap, and the innovative compact and light FITT Force hose.
FITT Box uses 30% recycled plastic.

A strategy directly presented by the company CEO, Alessandro Mezzalira, and well received by the many customers, partners and stakeholders who attended the event. A path to be written, in which the support and participation of the external public is necessary, but even more so is the involvement of the internal public, the FITT People: only with the joining of these two forces can ambitious goals be achieved.

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