fitt magazine
31 January 2019

European tour for FITT

While waiting for spring and the arrival of the gardening season, for FITT, January was the perfect time to develop its relationships with garden centres in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. These represent strategic sales channels for YOYO’s Bag and Club versions.

As a member of VDGAICG and GCA, associations that unite German, Italian and English garden centres respectively, FITT took part in the conferences that brought together the associates of each country in the cities of Berlin, Brindisi and Luton.
These three events represented an opportunity for FITT to demonstrate to garden centres how it supports and promotes a high-quality proposal, both in terms of the product and the end customer focus and experience.

Garden centres are places where inquisitive individuals, enthusiasts and entire families go to experience emotions and try things out before purchasing. For this reason, it is becoming essential to differentiate and customise the offer, creating a journey full of meaning and messages that visitors can internalise and make their own.

In this way, the FITT journey is continuing down the path it embarked on last year in the creation of added-value content, products and experiences aimed at nature enthusiasts.

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