fitt magazine
13 March 2020

Urgent and important communication

It is with regret that we have made the decision to temporarily suspend production and close our Italian premises until March 29. 

We did everything possible to create a safe environment for our employees and clients, but the spreading of the coronavirus epidemy in our region and the recent decisions of the Italian government who ordered new restrictions and security measures in the production areas forced us to review our prior decision. 

In the last hours, we have been severely affected by the current situation and we are now facing dramatic public health issues, being the contagion extended to the relatives of some of our employees. Logistic and transport services in the North of Italy have become extremely complicated due to the current situation and by the limitations imposed by bordering countries to the carriers arriving from Italy through the normal routes. 

At this point – and as the situation continues to rapidly change – we’re forced to pause and suspend our business activities for the upcoming weeks. 

We are ready to return to standard operation services as soon as the situation returns to normality. 

We rely on your understanding and cooperation, and remain at your disposal for clarifications or queries. 

Best regards, 

Alessandro Mezzalira 


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