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11 June 2018

The FITT Group and Interplast announce their rebranding process

As part of its strategy for brand development and consolidation and to implement the group’s vision for the creation of a new monolithic brand, FITT is stepping up its offensive on the DIY , construction and swimming pools market in France. The result of this effort is a structured plan for brand transition and for the full integration of the Interplast subsidiary into the group.

Since its inception in 1980, the Interplast brand, now a market leader, has always worked with the Italian group even before the 2006 acquisition. This merger means that FITT can benefit from the Interplast brand’s excellent reputation in French-speaking countries, and for its part, Interplast can enter the market as a manufacturer with fifty years of industrial know-how, supported by an international group’s logistical strength, a research department committed to the development of new products and a team intent on developing the brand through innovative communication projects.

Alessandro Mezzalira, FITT Group CEO, announced: “We are pleased to announce the launch of the first stage of this plan that will allow the FITT brand to build up a good share of the market for this sector in France (and in French-speaking countries) and that will help boost the brand image. This is an important step for the fulfilment of our corporate vision.”

Stéphane Rey, CEO of Interplast said: “We are very happy to join in the development of the brand FITT on the French market. For almost 40 years, we have remained focused on a key goal: the satisfaction of our customers; and it is with the utmost respect for the users of our products that we embark on this strategy.”

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