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23 January 2024

Sustainable Supply Chain and Procurement: the importance of training for medium to long term goals

Sustainability is a global challenge that involves all the components of society, from institutions to citizens, from companies to suppliers. In this framework, the supply chain – meaning the set of processes spanning from the production to the distribution of goods or services – plays a key role in reducing the environmental and social impact of economic activities.

The competitive advantages of a sustainable supply chain

According to an interview involving 70 companies for EY and the UN Global Compact:
“Supply chain practices represent the biggest challenge to improving sustainability performance.
Indeed, 70% of the social and environmental impact of companies occurs within the supply chain.

The positive aspect is that, according to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), companies that choose a sustainable supply chain can gain competitive advantages, such as cost savings, improved image, innovation and progress.

Training: the key to making consistent and sustainable purchasing choices

In order to develop a sustainable supply chain, it is necessary to involve and cooperate with suppliers, selecting and evaluating them according to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria, and supporting them in developing skills and capabilities.

For this reason, FITT has organised a training course on sustainable supply chain and procurement for its employees from different business areas. The objective is to drive the company to make increasingly consistent and sustainable purchasing choices and to monitor, in this way, the entire supply chain. Choices that will have to reward not just the environmental but also the ethical aspects.

Among the topics and stages discussed in depth are: definition of requirements, supplier selection, contract negotiation, performance monitoring and continuous improvement.


Medium and long term objectives

The medium and long term objectives of this training are:

raise awareness among employees of the importance of sustainability;
provide them with the necessary skills and tools for applying the sustainability principles;
• create a corporate culture geared towards responsibility and collaboration;
consolidate relations with suppliers, working, where necessary, with suppliers who are committed to improving their environmental and social impact.

This training is an opportunity to gain a broader and more integrated view of sustainable supply chain and procurement, in order to understand the added value they can bring to the company and society as a whole.

With this initiative, FITT confirms once again its commitment to being an increasingly sustainable company that looks to the future with optimism and determination.

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