fitt magazine
14 March 2022

FITT’s support for the emergency in Ukraine

  • FITT stands by the Ukrainian people, by the women, men and children who in these hours are suffering and enduring tragedies that the modern world should not allow to happen. Peace and respect for freedom are the foundation of the world FITT believes in and strives to create.

    Considering the urgent situation, FITT decided to give immediate support to the project of Città della Speranza, which – together with AIL and the Veneto Region – is working on transferring and treating children hospitalized in Ukraine and suffering from oncological diseases in Veneto, and at the same time to make a donation to UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) so that it can bring health care, first aid kits and supplies to the refugees near the war zones.

    Besides, the company has launched a fundraising campaign to facilitate the contribution of its employees, by donating one or more hours of salary in the month of March. The amount raised will be integrated by the company and donated to UNHCR.

    The constant monitoring of this situation, which is still evolving today, will make it possible to adapt the measures as necessary.

    Other fundraisers were then identified and also indicated to the company population. Here you are the references for donations:

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